A Quick Guide To My Disclosure Terminology

I’m sure many of you who follow various influencers will be aware that there was recently a change in the rules about exactly what we must disclose to our readers/viewers/followers. The aim of the change was to make it clearer for influencers what they should and shouldn’t disclose and to make it easier for readers to know exactly what is going on. It all sounds simple, but really it has caused a lot of brain fog and I’m still not always sure if I’m doing it right. I have always been as honest and upfront as I can and therefore I think that very little is likely to change here at KTTLG.

For added clarity (for both you and me) I thought I would pull this little guide together.

Ad – I have been paid to promote this specific product or service, probably in a specific way.

Sponsored – I have been paid to write this post but have been pretty much given free reign of what I write. An example of a sponsored post is Five Netflix Shows I Just Can’t Stop Watching.

Gifted – I haven’t been paid per se, but I have received the product or service free of charge in exchange for a review. Examples of this would be Wingz: Worth It?I Used A Hair Mask For The First Time: A Review Of Organic Shop Haircare or Can A Few Hairs Really End Two Years Of Pain?! | Test Your Intolerance.

Contributed Content – This is one you may have spotted here on KTTLG. This is content which has not been written by myself but which the author (or an agency) has paid me to share on my platform. A

Guest Post – Somebody other than me has written this post, but there has been no exchange of money (it might be a one off, or it may have been a case of I write a post for them in exchange for them writing a post for me). Examples of this are the posts in my Home Town Tourism mini-series or Guest Post: Top Ten Foods To Try In India | April Travel Challenge.

Affiliate – this is a link to something you can buy if you wish. If you do choose to buy using that link or code, it means that I might earn a little bit of money (literally tuppence) from the sale without it costing you any extra.

I hope that this can clear things up for any of you who may have had questions! If you have any more queries, please never hesitate to pop them into the comments of whatever post they relate to (or this post right here!) – I always accept comments unless they’re blatant spam and if there’s ever a question I try to answer it! It’s really helpful for me to know too where I need to improve.

Please keep in mind that this list only relates to this blog, vlog and the associated social media accounts and may differ for other influencers.

If you would be interested in working together (paid or otherwise) on a project now or in the future, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! I can be contacted by e-mailing: kirstyttlg @ gmail . com or through my accounts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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