A tube of sweets on a bed of rose petals, with some packets of sweets pouring out.

Sweets For Your Sweet This Valentine’s Day | gifted

Products contained in this review were kindly gifted to me by Swizzels.

February can only mean one thing, right? PANCAKES.

Oh, that wasn’t what you were thinking? What were you thinking?! Oh yeah, that’s right, Valentine’s Day happens in February too (insert crying with laughter emoji here)

We all know that fancy chocolates are high up there with ‘traditional’ Valentine’s Day presents, but what do you buy when the Love in your life doesn’t like (or for whatever reason can’t enjoy) a nice box of chocolates? You still want to let them know how sweet you think they are, but how are you meant to do that without chocolate?! Bonus points if they also don’t like flowers or teddies or anything really soppy. Now you’re really stuck.

white black and red person carrying heart illustration in brown envelope
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

Worry not, though, because Swizzels have a solution! Remember Swizzels sweets? They have been making childhood favourites for literally generations (the company is almost 100 years old!), as evidenced by how excited my mum got when I opened the hamper and showed her what was inside. In fact, it’s a miracle that we managed to not eat any of it before I got round to taking some photos for you all!

The timeless and loved by generations nature of Swizzels sweets make them a perfect gift for your sweetheart, or just somebody that you care about, or even just yourself. They’re a gift for all ages.

For Valentine’s, though, you don’t just want to pop to the local shop and pick up a packet of Parmaviolets. You want to impress. You want to show that you put a whole lot of time, effort and care into planning this perfect gift…but how? Don’t worry, Swizzels have thought about that too.

If you shop through the Swizzels website they have a ton of options, and some of them are personalised!


Swizzels have launched a great selection of hampers that they will deliver right to your door. There are a number of vegan options too, if this is something that is important to you or your loved one.

There are ones which come in actual wicker hampers, or if your budget doesn’t quite stretch that far there are hampers which come in these really cute cardboard boxes.

red box with printed ribbon and bow that bears the Swizzels logo.

There are various size and content options on their website, so you can tailor it to how much you want to give as well as your budget. Of course, these aren’t just great for Valentine’s Day – they’d make a great gift for any occasion.

I was super impressed when I opened my hamper to find that it’s not like some of these hampers where you receive a half empty box. The word I would use, as a Scot, is ‘stappit’. Basically what I mean by that is that it was so full that the sweets were practically falling out when I opened it, so you really are getting your money’s worth!

box full of sweets

It’s a great selection of retro sweets, and I’m pretty sure full of everyone’s favourites. What’s your favourite Swizzels sweet? Tell me in the comments below. Mine is either the Double Lolly or Parmaviolets for sure.


Hampers start at £2.99, and some of them can be personalised. Shop them at: http://www.swizzels.com/shop.



An absolute classic, who hasn’t had the perilous playground task of choosing which Love Heart they gave to which friend to maintain peace within the social circle? Of course, we’re all a bit more grown up now but Love Hearts are still one of the most fun sweeties on the market. Not only have we grown up, but Love Hearts have grown up too – some of them now have emojis on them instead of cute phrases!

Swizzels have a couple of really cute Love Hearts options on their website.

Firstly, they have LIMITED EDITION Love Hearts especially for Valentine’s which are a brand new product this year! I’m not sure if these will be hitting the shops, but to buy them directly from the Swizzels website you’ll get 30 of these Limited Edition rolls in a gift bag tied with a ribbon for £9.99 (+postage)


Also a new product this year are personalised tubes of Love Hearts. You know those tubes of sweets you can buy at Christmas time? It’s like that, but less underwhelming, personalised and infinitely more romantic. The big tube contains 25 mini rolls of sweets, and also costs £9.99 (plus postage). I think they make a super cute present!


Not for Valentine’s Day, but Love Hearts also sell exclusive JUST MARRIED Love Hearts from their website. If you’re getting married soon (or ever), might be worth looking into!


As an added bonus, if you see anything you like on the Swizzels Shop you can use the code V-15 up until February 14, 2020, to get 15% off whatever you order. Who doesn’t love to save money?! (this isn’t an affiliate code or anything, literally just a way for absolutely anyone to get some money off!)

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