5 Ways To Show More Kindness in 2020

I have a really big obsession at the moment with encouraging people to be kind, so now I’m bringing this obsession to you all! We all know the world has been a bit wild lately, and we all know that a little more kindness in the world could go a really long way in helping to make it a more pleasant place to live. So why are you waiting for other people to change? Even if you are already a kind person (many of us are) ask yourself if there is anymore you can do to bring more kindness into the world this year. From kindness grows kindness, right?

The best bit is that it’s all free…

Question yourself.

Start querying your inner monologue. Anytime you find yourself thinking, saying or doing something which you know is unkind, ask yourself why you had that thought, said that thing or did that thing. What was your reasoning, and was it truly justified and was it really necessary? Sometimes you’ll be very genuinely able to justify whatever you thought or said, even though it may appear on the surface unkind. A lot of the time, however, you might surprise yourself. Start retraining yourself from the inside out.


It’s literally as simple as that – smile at people. Greet people with a smile. Smile at strangers in the street. Just…smile more. It’s the best kind of contagious.

Be patient.

Ever noticed that patience and kindness tend to go hand in hand? Life moves so fast that sometimes we forget to allow time to be patient, and yet we all require a little patience sometimes when things get overwhelming. Whether it’s helping somebody to learn how to do something new or just going about in your everyday life, take a deep breath and remember what a world of difference a little patience can make when you need it.


If you know you’re in the wrong, say sorry. Admitting that you were wrong or apologising for your mistakes doesn’t make you a pushover or a ‘wet wipe’, it makes you a good and decent human being. It shows honesty, strength, integrity and a whole lot of other good stuff that humans like other humans to be. This ties in nicely with the first point too – if you start to hold yourself accountable for your actions then you’re more likely to try and control them in the future.

Don’t Wait To Be Asked.

If you think somebody might need a boost, don’t wait for them to ask for help. Know that they’re ill or recovering? Ask if you can do anything to help. Know that they’ve been super busy lately? Offer to look after the kids so they can enjoy a date night or some me time. They might say no, but nonetheless they will be touched that you took some initiative – after all, asking for help in any situation can be really hard.

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