5 Travel Themed Things You Can Do At Home

At the time of writing this, it’s safe to say that most of us are home a lot more than usual in a bid to limit the spread of Coronavirus. This can feel particularly frustrating for those who have wanderlust running through their veins, but staying at home doesn’t mean that your enthusiasm for travel needs to be snuffed.

Here are a few travel related activities that you can do from the safety and comfort of the place you call home…

Learn A Language

I started using Duolingo back in November to learn Gaelic, and also used it to refresh my knowledge of French. I wasn’t entirely sure how effective it was, but I recently started following someone on Instagram who writes their captions in Gaelic and I was surprised how much I could translate on my own!

Dig Out Your Photos

Let’s face it, lots of us have photographs from our trip that we just never got round to sorting out properly… well now is the time! If you are organised enough to have your photos sorted satisfactorily then this is the perfect opportunity to dig them out and take a trip down memory lane.

Join A Virtual Tour

Lots of places offer virtual tours of all or part of their facilities, and with the world shutting down they’ve all been really keen to let us know. Or why not drop yourself down on Google Maps and wander the streets of a new place?

Plan Your Next Trip

Or maybe not your next trip, but a trip you would like to take in the future. Where do you want to go? What will you do? How much will it cost? How are you going to save up for it? Get planning!

Indulge In Travel Themed Media

Watch a documentary or film, read a novel about someone’s travels, read blogs, watch vlogs, listen to podcasts.. use your time to support other people’s adventures and relish in the joy of the journey.


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