Affiliate Programmes

As with so many influencers, I have become an affiliate of various companies for a little extra pocket money from time to time.

For full disclosure, what this means is that if you follow the link provided below and decide to make a purchase that I might receive a few pennies from the company however this does not affect your customer experience with the business. It does not cost you any extra, but is a nice little boost for me.

In addition to affiliate partnerships, I have also been fortunate enough to work in partnership with companies and venues in exchange for experiences, promotions and reviews and whenever this is the case I promise to let you know. I also want to let you know that whether an opportunity is offered to me or whether I do something/buy something on my own, it will not affect my ability to give a rounded and honest review – no amount of generosity can build a filter between my brain and my mouth if something’s a bit naff.

The companies which I am currently affiliated with are:

Amazon: (links for Amazon are generally product specific, however this is a generic link to Amazon’s website.)