What can you expect from KTTLG in April 2020?

Remember how I told you that I’m taking part in the April A-Z challenge for the first time this year? Well I thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peak of the some of the content that you can expect to see here throughout the month!

So the words I have chosen for each letter are…

A – Amsterdam

B – Basel

C – Coronavirus

D – Deserve (content warning)

E – Early

F – Fridge

G – Games

H – Home

I – Iceland

J – Joy

K – Knick-knacks

L – Luxembourg

M – Museums

N – Nothing

O – Other

P – Postcards

Q – Quotes

R – Reykjavik

S – Staycation

T – Travel

U – Uncertain

V – Valentine’s

W – Winter

X – Christ

Y – Young

Z – Zoos

I realise that some of these maybe don’t give much away, or sound really odd especially in the context of a series of travel related blogs but hopefully everything will make sense in due course! All going well I will come back as the posts are published to update this list so that you can see exactly what I’ve written about and have a direct link to each post.

Oh, and don’t forget – no posts on Sundays!

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