7 Apps That Entertain Me When I’m Travelling

Travelling alone can be really…well, boring sometimes. There, I said it.

I’m generally perfectly happy in my own company, and have no problem entertaining myself and maintaining my own morale (I know a lot of more sociable people are struggling a bit with isolation at the moment, trust me when I say you’ll get through this no matter how tough  it feels).

Sometimes, however, you just get bored with your own company. I pass a lot of my spare time (of which there is never very much) when I’m travelling either planning out my next day of adventures, or Instagramming or sometimes even reading a book or just chilling with the thoughts in me head.

I just wanted to take this opportunity, however, to share some of the apps on my phone which I use to entertain myself on flights or in my room when I’m travelling.

Pokemon Go

Okay so this one is more when I’m out and about rather when I’m cooped up in a room or a plane, but airports are normally pretty good places for Pokemon Go. For anybody not familiar with the game, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality (AR) game where you find Pokemon (pocket sized monsters) in your location and try to catch them. The aim is to collect them all, while completing other mini challenges along the way.

Also, if you’re wondering why I’ve listed Pokemon Go and not the Ghostbusters or Wizarding World AR games… I gave up on the Ghostbusters one, and I have never yet been able to download the Wizarding World one! Maybe one day…



Hey guess what, ya gal sometimes edits her photos. I just can’t help myself. I do try really hard to be restrained and only use minimal editing, but I know/understand how easy it can be to get carried away. I will often spend some time in an evening, or on a flight, playing about with the photos on my phone. It’s kind of cathartic.

I am actually planning on writing a post about photograph editing at some point (not in April) so keep your eyes peeled for that!


BrickBall Crusher

Okay, so admittedly the only reason that this game is still on my phone is because I paid like £2.49 or something about 80 levels back to play it without adverts, and now I refuse to get rid of it for that very reason. It is quite a good game to pass the time though! The aim of the game is to shoot balls out of a cannon to break bricks, basically. I’d love to say there is some kind of skill to it, but in reality I’m convinced it’s just a certain amount of luck.


Mahjong King

It’s kinda like playing pairs. Except you can see the pictures. Except it’s somehow still more complicated than pairs, and for some reason even though you can see the pictures you sometimes still can’t see the pairs. This is one of my favourite things to do in the sky.



I’ve spoken a few times about how I’m getting more into Audible. I’ve always loved stories. I love to read, I love to write and I love to listen. As I embark on my Audible journey, I’m learning more and more about what is important to me when picking a story to listen to.

Check out my reviews of some of the things that I’ve listened to on Audible:

The Hidden Power Of F*cking Up | Audio Book Review (no spoilers)

The Tattooist Of Auschwitz | Book Review



If I have a lot of down time when I’m travelling, like when I was in Mallorca, I am definitely guilty of watching Netflix on my phone. It’s not ideal, what with it being a tiny screen, but sometimes you just need to watch something with a bit more bite or substance than a Youtube video. I believe you can download things to watch offline, but I have to admit that I’ve never tried it myself!



Sometimes you just want to watch something kind of brainless, and let’s face it Youtube is probably the best place to find this. I like Youtube for helping to unwind and switch off. Also…is it only me who finds themselves watching different content to what I usually do when I’m on an adventure? It’s almost like I’m a different person or something.


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