THE NEW POKEMON GO? First Impressions of Ghostbusters’ World

*There are no known spoilers in this post*

A few weeks ago I read a news story about a new game set to be released in time for Hallowe’en called Ghostbusters World, and while the author didn’t really know what the game entailed it looked to promise to be a new Pokemon Go. As a PoGo player, this was pretty exciting. So when I saw that Android users could register an interest in the Google Play Store and be notified when it was released (an official release date had not yet been announced) I hopped on over to the Play Store to do just that.

Last night as I was heating up my soup for tea my phone buzzed and that was it – the game was live and ready to be downloaded! I hit download and this adventure began!

So, from what I can tell from the download screen there appears to be 193 different types of ghosts to find and trap. There’s a whole training bit and then you’re left to your own devices, with the option of playing in story mode which I haven’t braved yet but I’m sure I will soon!

Since I’ve only played the game for a few hours I decided that the easiest way to do this was to break my review into two parts – what I have like about the game and what I haven’t been quite so keen on. Also, I took some ghoulish screenshots as I played so you can enjoy those too!

What’s Good?

  • I am surprised it has taken somebody this long (like 2 years) to piggyback the oh-so successful concept of Pokemon Go. Having an app that encourages you to go out and explore is wonderful and is part of what made PoGo so popular in the first place. The formula for Pokemon Go is an automatic win and I’m glad somebody has finally created a contendable rival.
  • The ghosts are pretty cute in my opinion. Terrifyingly adorable.
  • The Ghostbusters equivalent of a Pokestop is a Dimension Door and they are much more common that Pokestops! As a country girl, this is a major win in my eyes. Also they rejuvenate every five minutes (I think this might be the same as Pokestops?) and have a countdown timer telling you when you can visit them again which is pretty handy.
  • Similar to the above point, the ghosts seem to spawn much more frequently. You don’t have to do very much to find some ghosts, and they seem to pretty much replenish every couple of minutes. Obviously I haven’t been able to play with a friend to find out if the same people find the same ghosts in the same place like PoGo, but I’d be interested to hear from anybody who has!
  • It’s kind of addictive. This maybe isn’t such a good thing IRL, but what I mean is that even if it’s being a bit laggy (see the various negatives below) there’s something charming about it that makes you want to keep playing.
  • It’s only available on Android at the moment. Maybe not a win for the gazillions of Apple users out there, but a small victory for the gazillions of Android users who often have to wait a bit longer for releases.

What’s Not So Good?

  • My first peeve – I’m almost 100% sure that the title of the game is grammatically incorrect.
  • Unfortunately the app seem to be a bit slow – not super slow, but slow enough to notice. This is probably something that will get ironed out in updates over time I would imagine (I don’t know how they do it, they just do their little app development magic).
  • You have to hold your phone upright and and move it around to find the ghosts you want to capture, even with “AR off” selected. This was a bit of a bummer for me as I wanted to go out for a walk and catch ghosties but I was super aware that it looked like I was taking photos or videos of people’s houses and businesses which were closed for the night which looks very shady! At least with Pokemon Go you can hold your phone flat if you have AR off selected. I swear at least one person came to watch me from their window to see what I was up to lurking at the end of their garden in the dark. Not cool.
  • Tying in to both of the above points, you kinda have to stay still while trapping the ghosts. While playing PoGo I can keep walking if I want, but because you need to move your phone around to catch the ghosts you just have to stop in your tracks pretty much until he’s caught, making it even more time consuming to play. Seriously, a 20ish minute walk last night took me well over an hour just because I was trying to catch some ghosts.
  • It is a major battery drainer (even with AR off selected), much worse than PoGo.

Final First Thoughts

I have to say that so far I don’t think Ghostbusters World is quite on the level of Pokemon Go, but I can definitely see the potential in it! I’m excited to keep playing and find out how it all pans out.

I would love to hear from you guys – if you’re playing it, what do you think? If you’re not playing it…do you think you would? Let me know in the comments below!

HOW TO HUNT GHOSTS THIS HALLOWE'EN (even if you're a scaredy cat like me) (1)
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3 thoughts on “THE NEW POKEMON GO? First Impressions of Ghostbusters’ World

  1. This was so interesting to read! I’ve played a few “POGO” remakes. There was the Jurassic world game and that one from waaay back, the dinosaur one? I’ve forgotten the name of it 😂 but so far, it seems that so many games have tried, but something’s just off and in comparison to PoGo, PoGo is just the top pick.

    I wish gaming companies rather than completely copying every mechanic of PoGo, took the idea of walking out and AR and made it something there own.

    Great post, low-key tempted to download the app lmao

    Lots of love,
    Kayla |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally forgot about the Jurassic World one, I never actually tried it. The technology is obviously there so I’m surprised there aren’t more interactive AR games on the market. I’d say Ghostbusters World is definitely worth trying!

      Liked by 1 person

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