Firstly welcome to KTTLG, my little corner of the rabbit hole that is the internet. I am Kirsty, and I am always super excited to have people visit my blog.

Kirsty Through The Looking Glass (KirstyTTLG or KTTLG for short!) started its life as a college assessment many years ago (in September 2012).  The assessment – a component of my year two journalism module – was really quite simple…publish four blog posts. FOUR.

I mean, there was the slight catch that the assessment outlined that you had to create four posts that people would actually want to read, which seemed like an impossible task at the time. Regardless I got into the blogging groove and just wrote about the things that crossed my mind, and according to the wonderful Jo that was enough and I passed with flying colours.

I graduated with an HND in media and communication in 2013, complete with top grades in both of my graded projects and an award from Aberdeen Communications Group for being the final year student with the most potential in the industry in the future (apparently). From here I went to Edinburgh Napier University to study communication, advertising and public relations and after hating most of it graduated with a BA with honours in 2016.

I actually did my honours dissertation on blogging, and received one of the highest marks in the class (and one of my highest grades during the whole course).

Had it not been for college I doubt I would have ever seriously considered blogging, despite my lifelong love of writing, and I have gained so much from the world of blogging and that is why in October 2017, five years after its birth, KTTLG was re-launched after a hiatus but with the same great insanity sitting in front of the keyboard churning out the posts.

I am now a reporter with three community newspapers and a quarterly magazine, which doesn’t leave too much time for blogging but when something feels write you find a way of making it work.

I waffle a lot. I like all the usual things – binge watching TV series, pretending I’m the sixth Spice Girl, baking cakes and napping. I’m a pretty big fan of Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Disney, Roald Dahl and Dr Seuss. My favourite fictional character is Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. Apparently I’m mentally ill. I have an unnatural interest in murder. Oh, and I’m a hoarder.

Really what I’m trying to say is that I’m a hoodie and leggings kinda girl, but if the opportunity arises to dress like a trashy wee ho then I’m there. This blog is a reflection of that.

If you’ve read this far, then congratulations! I hope you will take some time to look around my blog and you will enjoy your trip to my corner of the rabbit hole!

Kirsty xoxox

P.S. This blogger is PR and collab friendly, if you want to get in touch for a chat drop me an e-mail at kirstyttlg(at)gmail(dot)com.