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Even though you might be stuck indoors right now, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some travel-themed fun. While you can’t actually travel anywhere, you can plan for the future. It’s time to create a bucket list where you put down some top destinations that you’ll most certainly try and visit at some point in your life. Clearly, you’ve got loads of great countries and regions to travel to. Today, you’re going to see some very compelling reasons to add North Africa to your list!


Incredible natural sights and landscapes

North Africa is home to some of the most iconic and unique places on earth. There’s a wealth of natural beauty for you to take in and enjoy. The obvious place to start is the Sahara Desert, which is the largest hot desert in the world and is packed full of sloping sandy landscapes and unique offerings. Then, you’ve got the Atlas Mountains in Morocco for people that love hiking or skiing. You get incredible views across the country here, and it’s a wonder to behold. You’ll find loads of other incredible sights and landscapes across the region, so if you want your breath to be taken away, then this is a great place to be.



Iconic ancient history

Arguably the main reason to visit North Africa is to take in the ancient history found throughout the region. Primarily, you’re looking at Egypt as the source of all this stuff. You’ve got the Great Pyramids and endless Ancient Egyptian relics and artefacts to have a look at. Plenty of Egyptian trips and tours include routes around all of the most sought-after historical sights in the country. If you’re a history buff, then this is heaven for you. Even if you’re not, then it’s still such an incredible thing to experience. Plus, if you see the pyramids, then you get to tick off one of the wonders of the world from your bucket list. 


A unique cultural experience

The culture of this region is probably like nothing you’ve experienced back home. Wandering through the streets in Morocco or Tunisia will be entirely different from walking around any European city. There are market stalls everywhere, food cooking at all times, and the places are packed full of colours and scents that will make you feel alive. The food in this region is a fundamental part of the culture as well. If you’ve never tried North African cuisine, then you’re in for one heck of a treat. It’s one of the most diverse and flavoursome cuisines on the planet, and you get to try local dishes that are freshly made. So, if you’re after a new cultural experience, then North Africa is the place to be. 

Truthfully, there is a myriad of reasons to add this region to your bucket list. I’ve covered the top three reasons in this post, but a little bit of research will show you many more. It’s a very interesting place to visit that often gets overlooked in favour of some of the more popular European destinations. But, if you want to go somewhere different after this lockdown, then North Africa could be perfect.

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