Going Solo: Was It Really That Bad?

“I’m going to Italy.” “Oh wow, who with?” “Just myself.” “YOURSELF?” If you follow me on social media then the opening part of this post will make sense, and in case you don’t let me briefly explain. Two weeks ago I booked myself a wee trip to Rome, and off I set last Sunday on the first leg of my journey! I jetted off from Scotland on Monday morning and returned to my home country on Thursday night – and I went totally alone. Travelling alone seemed to be more shocking for many people than booking the trip just 9 … Continue reading Going Solo: Was It Really That Bad?

Mexico City Is Wonderland.

Welcome to the first ever blog post from my sexy new computer!  It’s so shiny and new *strokes* ANYWAY, hi there. DO YOU KNOW WHERE I’VE BEEN? In July I made the wee journey over to big bad Mexico for a fortnight.  Whilst there I was fortunate enough to stay in the centre of Mexico City (capital of Mexico) for nearly a week (split in two by my visit to Our Cabana, but that is unimportant right now), and I thought that I would share some of my observations with you all. Mexico City is beautiful as long as you … Continue reading Mexico City Is Wonderland.

I Would Walk 500 Miles…But You Wouldn’t.

At the weekend I found myself in Dundee for the annual Polaris day event (it’s a Guide thing, where Scottish members aged between 16 & 25 get together to voice their opinions on various things), and I’d like to start by saying it was a really good day. We made balloons look like pirates, wandered around the Discovery (a big boat) and went on a treasure hunt (have you guessed the theme yet?). As well as all that, we had some really interesting discussions about Guidey things that I’m not going to bore the non-Guidey people amongst you with…except the … Continue reading I Would Walk 500 Miles…But You Wouldn’t.