Road Trip Ahead? Here’s Some Tips For Road Trip Perfection // Contributed Content

Crank up that music playlist you’ve got; it’s time for a road trip. There is nothing better than getting the family together and bundling into the car to get out of Dodge for a while. With the last few weeks of summer stretching ahead, hiring a new car to get out there on the road is a lot of fun – but you need it to be more than fun, you need perfection.

You’re the DJ and driver ready to get everyone hyped up for a few days of sightseeing and visiting new places. For that to start, getting the Land Rover packed up with all of the things that you need is the next step. After this, you have to get out of your comfort zone of holiday resorts and all-inclusive menus and get a little adventurous. Your road trip being perfect relies on you having a sense of adventure, and with this in mind, we’ve got some tips for the perfect trip!

Image source: Pexels

  1. Make a point of meeting people. Whether you are travelling with the kids or you’re going it alone, make a point of saying hello to people when you stop and keep communicating with others also on road trips of their own. You can end up meeting so many interesting people on a road trip, but you have to make a point of doing it! 
  2. Put together a travel itinerary and give it to a friend. You’re off on the open road and that’s not always the safest place to be! You want to make sure that you are backed up so share your location with someone you trust who can track your location if needs be.
  3. Bring the dog. If you have a dog and you have enough space in the car, bring the dog. Bringing your furry friend is going to ensure that you have a whale of a time while you’re stopping off at all the country locations and fields you stop at. You can also have a companion while you’re on the way and this is great if you plan to travel on your own without anyone else.
  4. Always be ready for an emergency. Keeping a bag in the back of the van or car with emergency supplies is a must if you’re planning to spend time on the road. Not only do you need spare batteries, food and blankets, you need flashlights and matches, a flare gun and a charged phone in the bag, too! Bring a wallet of some cash just in case, and make sure that you have maps to hand if you lose signal or your SatNav decides to give up the ghost.
  5. Get the car checked out. Lastly, before you get on the road, make sure that you get your car serviced for safety. You want to 100% know that you can be on the road and not have anything go wrong with the car. Your perfect trip will only be perfect if you are safe!

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