Stress Free Travel: A Guide To Visiting The USA In The Post-Pandemic Era | Contributed Content

After the last 18 months we’ve all experienced, you deserve to treat yourself to a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. For most Brits, the USA stands out as one of the must-see bucket list destinations. It now looks likely that recreational travel to America will be back on the agenda before the end of 2021. This makes it the perfect time to start planning your adventure.

Before you do, though, you must recognise that vacations (like life) will pose new challenges. So, you must put the right precautions in place to create a stress-free situation. Here are the best ways to make it happen.

Documentation Organisation

Being organised ahead of any vacation is vital. However, it feels even more significant in the current era. The thought of being denied entry into a country or being held at the border is enough to send shivers down the spine. It’s imperative that you act accordingly.

Of course, you will need to keep an eye on the situation regarding travel restrictions. Following this, you must consider the entry requirements. You can check the processes for short stay at Getting the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation under control is key. Once you do, it’s time to think about general organisation.

Negative Covid tests will be needed before travelling, obviously. You should also ensure that the bank knows about your travel plans as cash-free travel will make life easier. Taking out a small amount of dollars before departure will give you added peace of mind.

Internal Travel

Transatlantic travel is a major challenge in itself. Now more than ever, though, internal travel can be a cause for added stress. Building a clear itinerary will make life a lot easier. Meanwhile, booking private villas or rentals can be better than hotels at this time.

Crucially. You must take the actual journeys into account. Long trips on several forms of public transport could increase the risk of infection. Even if it doesn’t, the thought will play on your mind. This is the perfect opportunity to think about road trips. Travelling by a car that you’ve hired is the most hygienic solution and puts you in control of where you can visit.

Taking it turns will give you each an opportunity to embrace the joys of driving on some of America’s most stunning routes. The scenic views are simply breathtaking. When you’ve selected a great vehicle too, this can be a hidden joy of your adventure.

Choose The Right Companions

Trying to navigate your way around new surroundings can cause stressful situations. Perhaps the biggest source of strain, though, comes from people. As such, you must pay attention to your travel party, especially in these testing times.

It is commonly accepted that holidaying with friends is one of the easiest ways to lose them. Being around someone 24/7 is vastly different to having a night out in town. All of their minor character flaws will be put under the spotlight. So, if they are needy or will not compromise when choosing activities or places to eat, it will take a toll.

On a brighter note, though, having the right people in your travel group will make the memories even more magical. After such a long time with limited social interactions, it is something you can cherish like never before. Not least because it’ll promote a clear mind.

Luggage Packing

America is a country where you should be able to find suncreams, skincare, toothpaste, and fragrances with ease. Nonetheless, due to the current climate, it’s probably best to pack them in your luggage. It will save you from potentially stressful endeavours.

When packing your luggage, this guide will help you use your space more effectively. Meanwhile, you must ensure that all liquids are suitably protected from leaks. Opening your bag to an explosion would be disastrous. Likewise, you must prevent the threat of theft by using a strong lock on your luggage.

As well as packing beauty products, you should take a UK plug adapter. After all, we now use our smartphones and other devices more frequently than ever before. On a side note, taking some high-quality tea bags is advised. It can calm your mood in stressful times.

Book Attractions In Advance

If you are heading to the United States for a vacation, it’s likely that you’ll have selected a destination which boasts a bucket list item. Ideas range from visiting Disney World to seeing the Empire State Building or Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Whatever the attractions are, you don’t want to miss out. Many attractions still have limited capacities, which is why you must book tickets early. You can book sports tickets in advance at Aside from avoiding the stress of missing out, it saves you from long waiting lines. The convenience will enhance your trip.

Your itinerary doesn’t have to be regimented from start to finish. After all, a little spontaneity is vital for a great vacation. Still, there’s no greater stress than returning home with regret of not seeing certain attractions. The pre-trip organisation will prevent this from happening.

Prepare For The Worst

Is it likely that you will have an accident or get ill while away? Not really. But that doesn’t mean you should leave yourself in a vulnerable position. Hospitals are still struggling on both sides of the Atlantic while medical care costs are very expensive too. Be prepared.

Putting the right travel insurance and medical insurance in place is hugely rewarding. It gives you the peace of mind you crave while simultaneously protecting your finances. If an issue does surface, having these items in place will enable the vacation to keep running as smoothly as possible. And that’s the least you deserve.

Ultimately, it’s more of a precautionary measure. For the sake of a few extra pounds, finding the right support is always worthwhile. Besides, the pandemic could cause situations to change at any moment. Knowing that your finances are in good health will pay dividends.

The Final Word

Your trip to America is a chance to draw a line under the past 18 months and start enjoying life to the fullest once more. Keep the above aspects in mind, and your dream trip will become a reality.

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