What Is Travel?

Is one kind of travel more valid than any other? Continue reading What Is Travel?


Mexico City Is Wonderland.

Welcome to the first ever blog post from my sexy new computer!  It’s so shiny and new *strokes* ANYWAY, hi there. DO YOU KNOW WHERE I’VE BEEN? In July I made the wee journey over to big bad Mexico for a fortnight.  Whilst there I was fortunate enough to stay in the centre of Mexico City (capital of Mexico) for nearly a week (split in two by my visit to Our Cabana, but that is unimportant right now), and I thought that I would share some of my observations with you all. Mexico City is beautiful as long as you … Continue reading Mexico City Is Wonderland.

Newtown’s Angels

At 9:36am, on Friday the 14th of December, Newtown Police received a phonecall informing them that there was a gunman in Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Their day had barely begun, but for 20 children, 6 members of staff and the shooter’s own mother it was to be the last morning they would ever see. Now I don’t know about you, but it always saddens me when I hear of these massacres.  I could write about how guns need to be banned, about how gun laws need to be tightened or about how America’s gun crime record is so much higher than … Continue reading Newtown’s Angels