Ten Countries I’d Love To Visit | April Travel Challenge

So for day one of the April Travel Challenge I thought I would start off with something easy – a cheeky wee travel bucket list!

This was inspired by a post on Facebook where somebody asked what 10 countries everyone would love to visit that they haven’t already – a lot of people had very similar answers, exotic countries, the kind of countries that everybody speaks about in a way that makes you feel left out if you haven’t been.  I realised then that a lot of my choices were really quite different to that of others who were replying – I’m Scottish, so Scotland/England/UK don’t have the same appeal to me as they do to those from other countries who see us turned into some wonderful fantasy country.  I’m a fussy eater, so many of these exotic countries are genuinely terrifying – not to mention that by the very nature of of being exotic countries, they’re pretty hot and I don’t really care much for the warm weather.

So this was the ten countries which I came up with:

  1.  Liecthenstein – I can’t really explain this one, but ever since discovering that there was a teeny tiny country called Liechtenstein, I have wanted to go there.
  2. Austria – In Primary 7 (aged 11ish) I had to pick a European country to do a project on at school, and while everyone else was busy studying France, Spain and Germany I opted for Austria and instantly fell in love with the country that gave us Schwarznegger and Mozart. I’m going to Vienna later this month and I am super excited!
  3. Canada – Okay so technically I have been to Canada before, but I was three at the time so I don’t really remember it. Plus, it’s a pretty big country so I won’t struggle to find things to explore.
  4. Iceland – Aurora Borealis, enough said.
  5. Wales – It’s the one country in Great Britain which I haven’t been to yet, so I need to get it ticked off!
  6. Greenland – I just really love winter, and this seems to be a pretty wintery country.
  7. The Netherlands – Can any country really be that flat?
  8. America – I’ve never been to America, but it’s the one country that I feel peer-pressured into exploring because everybody says it’s amazing.
  9.  Russia – This is another one of those ones that I can’t explain, but I’ve just always really fancied seeing Russia.
  10. Lapland (it’s a real country okay, I won’t have you tell me otherwise!) – Santa Claus. That is all.

How many of my bucket list countries have you visited? Did you like them? What 10 countries are on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!


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23 thoughts on “Ten Countries I’d Love To Visit | April Travel Challenge

  1. Interesting choices! But everyone has their reasons!! I live in America so I am biased and say you do have to visit!! I also would love to visit Austria and Russia too!! What a fun post!


  2. Very interesting post. .. I am from india. .. I am mainly fascinated by eastern Europe, central Asia and latin america… Most of the time my interest is in mountains and indigenous cultutes. My 10 countries would be:

    1. Romania
    2. Bulgaria
    3. Tajikistan
    4. Peru
    5. Argentina
    6. Chile
    7. Colombia
    8. Uzbekistan
    9. Russia
    10. Armenia


  3. Nice list but America is not a country. America includes Canada, Usa, central and south American countries.
    I think you mean the USA. 😊


  4. Love that quote! I love visiting various Southeast Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and so on…but definitely want to add more European countries to my list.


  5. I read “I’m Scottish, so Scotland/England/UK…” and instantly got way too defensive and thought “what about Wales?!” Absolutely delighted that my tiny little home made your list 🙂 It’s funny though, as I live in Wales and to me Scotland seems so far away it’s almost an enigma and I REALLY want to visit so badly!!
    My 10 (new countries!) would be:
    1. Costa Rica
    2. Fiji
    3. New Zealand
    4. South Africa
    5. Egypt
    6. Estonia
    7. Iceland
    8. Samoa
    9. Bhutan
    10. Scotland!!!


    1. I totally understand! I saw somebody with one a “Places To Visit In The UK” ticklist template they had made on their Instagram stories one day and it was all places in England, and when I was like “what happened to the rest of the UK?!” she was like oh yeah I’d love to make one for Scotland too and it’s like *facepalm* #NotJustEngland

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      1. I think I saw the same one! And from what I remember someone picked them up on it and she came back by saying she was planning to do one for all 4…but I don’t think she did xD


  6. I have been to Canada and I am from America! My current travel bucket list:
    1. France (going to Paris next week, ah)
    2. London (also going next week, omg!)
    3. Russia
    4. Italy
    5. Germany
    6. Norway
    7. Austria
    8. Egypt
    9. Israel
    10. Greece


  7. Your list is amazing. I am glad I have marked some places from my list earlier this year. I am looking forward to go to The UK and Europe this year.


  8. I love travel lists! I have been to Russia twice and really enjoyed it. Austria is on my list, for sure! I hope you get to explore and experience each and every one of these places!


  9. I’m from the US and have only travelled to Mexico once. I have a lot of European countries on my bucket list though! My family immigrated from The Czech Republic in early 1900s, so that is #1 on my list!


  10. Yes, yes, yes I am totally with you on Iceland and Lapland for the exact same reasons. I can’t believe you haven’t been to Wales, get yourself over there it’s beautiful.


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