Wonder Down Under: Real Places To Explore In Australia | Contributed Content

As soon as I overcome my fear of spiders and other killer creepy crawly things I know that Australia is going to be right up there on my travel bucket list! Have you been to Australia? How did you find it? Let me know in the comments below!

It’s on everyone’s bucket list to go to Australia, isn’t it? While the adventurers among you may prefer to go on safari, Australia has as much wildlife as any part of Africa. But to cap it off, Australia is inspiring, educating, and exciting! if you’re looking for the best places and the real areas to explore in Australia, look no further.


This is probably the most recognisable landmark Australia has to offer. Not only is it a sight to behold in person, there is an interesting history to this great rock. It’s sacred to the local Anangu aboriginal people, and is the home of the Earth Mother. You can climb to the top of the rock and experience a beautiful view, but as climbing is frowned upon, you may want to try and walk around the 16km circumference instead.

Alice Springs

Alice Springs is located in the heart of Australia, approximately 900 miles from the nearest city. Alice Springs has to be seen to be believed. You can witness the majestic desert landscapes, venture into the gorges, and observe the outback the way it was meant to be. There are many outback tours heading off from Alice Springs, and you can click here for one of those, but when it comes to exploring a vast landscape like Alice Springs, you can either head out on your own, or do the touristy route. Either way, you get an idea as to how enormous Australia really is!

Margaret River

Not far from Perth, this coastal town attracts all different types of people, from tourists, to those looking for a spot of relaxation. The great thing about this town is that the speed of life is so very slow, which gives you the opportunity to try all of the attractions. You can start your day with breakfast at the Margaret River Bakery, and head off to the local wineries, like Fermoy Estate, and relax with your favourite glass of red. If wine isn’t your thing, the Margaret River Chocolate Factory offers numerous free samples of their delicious chocolate!

Kangaroo Island

Contrary to the name, the island doesn’t have kangaroos, but there are so many other animals and wildlife to keep you busy. You can head to the Seal Bay Conservation Park and watch the seals playing or sleeping on the beach. Head further down the coastline, and you will encounter Flinders Chase National Park. This National Park boosts epic cliffs, so be sure to have your camera ready!

The Atherton Tablelands

Only an hour’s drive away from Cairns, this provides a perfect entryway to the vast Australian countryside. If you are looking for a road trip of sheer magnitude, this will provide your every need. The Tablelands hides a waterfall circuit, consisting of Elinjja Falls, Millaa Millaa falls and Zillie falls.

These are the real places to explore in Australia, so if you’re looking for an adventure, to expand your horizons, and get a true appreciation of what this gorgeous country has to offer, these are the best starting points.

 Please note: This post contains contributed content.

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