Mexico City Is Wonderland.

Welcome to the first ever blog post from my sexy new computer!  It’s so shiny and new *strokes*

ANYWAY, hi there. DO YOU KNOW WHERE I’VE BEEN? In July I made the wee journey over to big bad Mexico for a fortnight.  Whilst there I was fortunate enough to stay in the centre of Mexico City (capital of Mexico) for nearly a week (split in two by my visit to Our Cabana, but that is unimportant right now), and I thought that I would share some of my observations with you all.

Mexico City is beautiful as long as you don’t breath.  The pollution over there is insane, it is actually suffocating.  We took an open top bus tour of the city in our first few days there (being tourists and whatnot) and at one point we got caught in traffic on the motorway.  My eyes were actually burning from the fumes, it was that bad.

Mexico City is, within itself, intensely contrasting.  A quick scout around at eye level shows an old city, streets lined with traditional stone buildings.  A city which has witnessed generations, and centuries of development.  Then you tilt your head, just a little bit, and you realise that where there should be sky there is only a skyline of shiny skyscrapers.   Ridiculously, terrifyingly tall buildings made of nothing but glass and metal.  It’s as if it were somewhat of a parallel world, the contrast will do nothing short of leaving you awestruck. Mexico City is both Wonderland, and the Real World.

There are 26 million people live in the ‘state’ of Mexico City, 15 million of them live in the city centre.  The state of Mexico City is home to 5 times as many people as the whole of Scotland.  As a country kid (teuchter) from the north-eastern reaches of Sunny Scotland, with a hometown population of less than 5,000 the sheer quantity of people is a shock.

Mexico City is wonderfully inexpensive!  Well, it is if you’re from somewhere like the big bad UK.  50p for a 700ml bottle of Coca Cola? Yes please.  Naturally, the Mexicans find the City to be rather pricey, but it’s all wage-appropriate.  We probably spent a good part of our fortnight revelling in the cheapness of Mexico, and it made coming home just that little bit more painful.  On a side note, the one place in Mexico which is definitely NOT cheap is the airport…which seems to just be an airport.  (£2.50 for a croissant which wasn’t even a real croissant, my inner frenchman cried themself to sleep that night.)

There’s heaps to do in Mexico City.  Whilst there we went to the zoo (free entry!), paddle boats, river gardens, shopping and El Rollo water park (which is technically 2 hours outside of the city, but shhh. Oh and when the tour guide says “2 hours” he actually means 2 hours from the City boundaries, and not 2 hours from your hostel in the City centre!)  I’m hoping to write a little about some of these attractions soon.

Would I go back?  In a heart beat.


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