Welcome to September: another travel challenge!

So you may have seen that I am attempting another blogging challenge this month! The aim? 30 posts in 30 days. Failing that I am aiming for 14 posts in September. All of the posts will be somewhat travel themed.

If you have a post you would like to see please just let me know on any of my social medias or in the comments below!

So why did I decide to take part again after failing so miserably in April? I really enjoy these challenges for a number of reasons – they push me to do more of something I love, they push me to think of (hopefully) interesting topics to write about and they are a great way of uncovering new bloggers to follow!

For our first post I am going to tell you a bit about myself and share some of the other participants so that you can check out their writing too!

Questions asked by Katie of Creative Travel Guide :

Why do you love travelling?

I love the thrill. I love the freedom. I love the wonder. I love the adventure. I love having stories to tell.

Where is your favourite place to travel to?

I don’t really have a favourite place as such, but my favourite place this year (so far) has been Rome!

What is your #1 travel tip for saving money?

Hostels! And eating at Macdonalds, sssh. Travel during the week?

How do you plan your travels?

I don’t. I pick random destinations, see which is cheapest to fly to when I’m not working and I go for it. I look for some cheap AF accommodation (see hostels above!) and then wing it until I’m on the flight home. I’m THAT person!

Or it has been a trip organised by somebody else and I’ve just gone along for the ride.

Which is your favourite continent to visit?

Europe, I’m such a home bird haha. I really liked Mexico City though! Asia is not for me I’m afraid.

Tell us about the moment you realised travel was for you.

I have no idea, but I wish I knew!

So who else is taking part in this challenge?

Digital Travel Guru

Creative Travel Guide

Ee Sings Traventures

Hello Yeshi

Adventures In Aussie Lands

Remember and tell me about your favourite kinds of travel posts in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Welcome to September: another travel challenge!

  1. I’m loving the thought of winging it too! You get all kinds of unexpected adventures that way, and there’s never the danger of getting into a travel groove so safe you can’t break out of it. Good luck for the challenge!

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