Rome In 48 Hours: A Photo Journal (Part One!) | April Travel Challenge

So for day 5 I thought I would attempt a post I have meaning to do for a while – a look back at what I got up to in my 2ish days in Rome in January. Admittedly I was actually there for more than 2 days, arriving at night and leaving in the morning, but that title just wouldn’t be quite as catchy.

So here are some photos from my ‘first day’ (from leaving Scotland to the end of my first day there) in the wonderful city that is Roma, because I had far too many photos to make it into one post. Yes there will be a vlog once I get enough time to catch up on my backlog of adventure videos, I promise!  Part two of this post, featuring some photos from the second half of my solo adventure, tomorrow…




Tell me in the comments what your favourite landmark is, from any country!



13 thoughts on “Rome In 48 Hours: A Photo Journal (Part One!) | April Travel Challenge

  1. I used to be really into architecture when I was younger and obsessed with Arc de Triomphe in Paris. As a history nerd I think my head would have burst from happiness seeing these lovely structures and statues!

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  2. I used to love architecture when I was younger and was obsessed with the Arc de Trimophe in Paris. Rome seems like it would be a dream come true for me. Im also a history buff!

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