Five Things I Always Pack And Never Use | September Travel Challenge

So this is a post I have thought about writing for a while, and the challenge seemed like the perfect opportunity to get it out there!

Like so many people I am guilty of overpacking when I set off on an adventure! So I thought I would share some of the things that I pack again and again when I really shouldn’t bother!

  1. My hair straighteners. My problem is that my fringe tends to curl, but despite carrying them across the world I rarely actually use them!
  2. Makeup. Okay so I don’t normally carry a full face (airport rules wouldn’t allow it!) but I normally take mascara and lipsticks. LipstickS. The only reason I need to take multiple is because I’m indecisive!
  3. Spare shoes. I always convince myself that I might need a spare pair of shoes and since I only go away for a few days at a time, the truth is I never do! Also, why do I always pack so many pairs of socks?
  4. A notebook. When I was younger I would write holiday diaries, but unfortunately this habit is one I lost somewhere along the way. I know I won’t write a diary, so what else do I think I’m going to write?!
  5. Multiple cameras. I’m a cameraholic and I often adventure with at least 3 devices that are capable of taking photographs. There is really no need, but I just can’t help myself!

What do you always pack and never use? Let me know in the comments below!

Kirsty through The Looking Glass
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10 thoughts on “Five Things I Always Pack And Never Use | September Travel Challenge

  1. I’m a guy with a really short buzz cut, so the first two on the list aren’t things I take. But the other stuff – especially overdoing it on the camera gear – is totally me! Great post.


    1. It is so easy to get carried away with the cameras! What if something happens? How many batteries do I need? What if there is a moment where it would be PERFECT for film/that lense/etc. It’s crazy!


  2. i will always bring out the notebook with me , when i was younger i like to write a lot but after that lazy but i still will keep one book with me . just in case something i need to write it down 🙂


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