September Staycation Day 1: trains, treats and other things which ruined my alliterative title

This post will be somewhat of a photo journal, but here we go!

Friday saw the start of 10 whole days of no work or work related adventures, and I was so excited! As part of this travel challenge I have decided to document what I get up to and share my adventures with you all.

I’m afraid this first staycation post won’t be the most exciting because it was mostly spent travelling, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t great fun!

The Morning

I spent the morning chilling and packing for a weekend in Glasgow with my family. This included dying my hair (unsuccessfully), playing with lipstick and binge watching some episodes of Skin Wars (I thoroughly recommend!)



The Afternoon

Choo choo! The afternoon was all about travelling from home in Aberdeenshire to Glasgow for a weekend of family fun with my parents and grandmother.

To truly put myself in holiday mode I decided to treat myself to a Costa hot chocolate and a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Did you know  Costa are doing a special autumnal Bonfire Spice syrup? I didn’t, but that’s what I had in my hot chocolate and it was rather yummy! It smells amazing, I could sniff it forever, but unfortunately it is a bit more expensive than a hot chocolate needs to be. I partnered this with a salted caramel swirl doughnut, which was edible heaven in a paper bag.

The journey was fairly uneventful and we made it to our Pacific Quay hotel with everybody in tow! The view from my room was amazing.

The Evening

After arriving and unpacking we went to eat our dinner in the hotel’s restaurant. I had a pizza with chicken, pepperoni, rocket and mushroom which was delicious! I followed this with a brownie which was also pretty yummy.


After this we went out for a walk to see what was round about, stretch our legs and catch some Pokémon (I even took ownership of two gyms, it was so exciting).

Then it was bedtime ahead of a busy day two! (which will come in two parts – Riverside Museum and Cirque Du Soleil)

5 thoughts on “September Staycation Day 1: trains, treats and other things which ruined my alliterative title

  1. “Weather cannot make it’s mind up” – ace capture there & absolutely made me laugh. That looks like a brilliant start to the trip (although I am now unnecessarily hungry after your pics!). Looking forward to reading more.


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