Red Hair: Love Or Loathe?

So here is the story of why I said I would never dye my hair red and why I keep doing it…

The OG redhead (this image is not mine, it is 100% stolen from Google Images for illustrative purposes only)

Growing up I always wanted to be a red head. Always. This probably stems from how much I love Ariel but who knows. When hairdying became a thing, I think a part of me always knew that I would probably get the red hair of my dreams at some point.

My hair goals all changed in the blink of an eye in 2010 however when a certain popular celebrity decided that she wanted red hair.


Thief of dreams (this image is not mine, it is 100% stolen from Google Images for illustrative purposes only)

As soon as Rihanna  made her her red everybody either had or wanted red hair. Being a little bit different has always come quite naturally to me, and it’s also something I’ve been quite proud of (brat that I am!). So the magic of red hair was lost to me when suddenly everybody had red hair. Why would I want to be like everyone else? That’s no fun at all.

I also really didn’t want people thinking I had red hair because Rihanna had red hair, or wanted to hear the phrase “red hair, like Rihanna’s” said in relation to me. I always thought this was probably quite a paranoid, but when I got my hair hacked off in 2012 so many people thought it was okay to say I had got my hair cut like Jessie J which genuinely really upset me because it just wasn’t true.

One day I decided that I was being ridiculous, threw caution to the wind and picked up the red dye. My hair was black/red (I believe midnight red was the official name!) for years and I absolutely loved it.

Here’s the deal: red works for me. No matter what it is – red clothes, red lipstick… it just works and so why should hair be any different? The problem is that I am impulsive and like to change things too often lest I find myself stuck in a rut. So my hair (either in whole or in part) has been various shades of red, green, black, blonde, pink and blue over the years. The funny thing is that despite saying I would never have red hair, I just keep going back to it – and the brighter the red the better.

In a vague attempt to meet my creative cravings and society’s need for me to have a somewhat sensible appearance, I have taken to only unnaturally colouring the underside of my hair. It doesn’t satisfy me but it keeps my impulsiveness in check (most of the time).

There’s something quite empowering about looking like you’ve been soaking in the blood of your enemies.IMG_1975

10 thoughts on “Red Hair: Love Or Loathe?

  1. I love red hair, it looks amazing. When I was in my twenties I went through a phase of red streaks, red/blonde/black streaks, blue streaks and a terrible mishap that left me with green hair which looked awful. I currently get my ‘hair dye fix’ from colouring my daughters hair pink or purple in the summer as she is a blonde so it takes way better than on my own hair 🙂


  2. Red definitely does suit you! I use to dye my hair different colours like red, purple, brown etc since I was young. Last year I decided to dye it midnight purple and now I want to dye it silverish purple. But you know, it’s all about you, girl. Not what celebrities or other people choose to do with their hair. Great post!


  3. I have always loved my hair red. Usually go for a dark red, but once I went quite bright with it. Lately I have been trying natural reds and its kind of turned Ginger now but I actually love it. Very tempted to dye my hair real ginger but I don’t know If I dare.


  4. I understand this! I’ve been dying my hair red for almost 2 years. Red clothing looks AWFUL on me, but people tell me red hair really works for me. I can’t ever make up my mind if I want to go back to being a brunette or just keep dying my hair! In any case, redheads rock!


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