5 Things I Do To Let My Body Know It’s On Holiday

Holidays are the perfect time to treat yourself, regardless of what you have planned. For me, I have a not quite ritual of things I do to treat myself and signal the start of a holiday and they all focus on my body! I’m not talking about giving into cravings or letting my body indulge in its natural sleep cycle for a week, I’m talking about giving it the TLC that it probably deserves more often.

  • I have a bath – the bubblier the better! Last time I had a bath I tested out a Lush bath bomb…it was fun, but not quite as fun as bubbles! As a grown up (kinda) Radox is my favourite.
  • I do a face mask (at least one!). I’m a fan of charcoal masks, but I have a few that I like to use from time to time to feel fancy.
  • I dye my hair. This time round it’s sea green (not that much of it is!) but other colours I favour are red, green or black.
  • I do my nails. This normally is just a case of picking out a colour of nail varnish from my collection, but more recently I’ve started to get into pre-decorated falsies.

  • I sort out my body hair. Too much information? Probably, but it’s true. It’s not as if it’s totally neglected the rest of the time, but I just feel like I give it so much more attention. Brows – tidied. Moustache – gone. Legs and armpits – melted into oblivion.

Something about doing this just seems to let my body know that our routine (whatever that may) is away to change, and my body always responds well!

What do you do to treat your body? Let me know in the comments below!

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