Edinburgh Favourites

Having spoken a few times before about my time in Edinburgh, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite places to go and things to do while in the big bad capital.

(Photos to follow!)

My Favourite Place For Breakfast: Piece Box Cafe

I used to adore their breakfast smoothie, although I see it hasn’t made the cut on their new menu *sadface*. Everything in this place was a bit quirky, which I’m into, but the food was good which is even better! This was our go to place when my family were visiting.

My Favourite Place For Lunch: Meltmongers

Macaroni Cheese Toastie…need I say more? This place specialises in cheese toasted sandwiches (not toasties unfortunately) and also does a wonderful cheese sauce to dip your chips in.

My Favourite Place For An Evening Meal: Mr Basrais World Cuisines

It doesn’t matter who you’re trying to feed, everyone will find something that they like at this all you can eat buffet. They have pretty much everything – pizza, pasta, curry, stir fry, Chinese food, soup, sushi, nachos, Sunday dinner… if my family can eat here anybody can!

My Favourite Bar: Badabings

All the cocktails and their mocktail alternatives, teamed with good burgers and live music -Badabings was basically my second home. It has a lovely atmosphere and the staff are super (most of the time, anyway, but we’re all human!)

My Favourite Place For A Rainy Day: National Museums Of Scotland

This place is amazing and has a great variety of things to see, and best of all it’s free! If you have an hour to kill you can pop in, if you want to pass a whole day then you can! This is another one of these places that has something for everyone.

My Favourite Sunny Day Tourist Attraction: Edinburgh Zoo

When I was a student in the city I ended up getting a membership for the zoo because everyone who came to visit wanted to see the pandas! I just found it a nice place for a wander on a fine day, too.  I have a video over on my YouTube of a daytrip there earlier this year, please check it out!

My Favourite Place To Chill On A Sunny Day: Calton Hill

You get a cracking view from up here without the same “I think I might die” climb of Arthur’s Seat. It’s easy to access as it’s situated at one end of Princes Street and it has a bit of history to browse while you’re up there!

My Favourite Ways To Spend An Evening: One Of The Many Theatres

There is always something going on in Edinburgh, and the evenings are no exception. The city is home to a host of theatres which always have something exciting on (and if theatre isn’t your thing there is also music, comedy and sport venues aplenty!).

What are some of your Edinburgh favourites? Let me know in the comments below!

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