How I Imagine Disney To Be | September Travel Challenge

It’s supposed to be the most magical place on Earth, right?

I am a lifelong diehard Disney fan, and I have never been to a Disney theme park. No Disneyland. No Disneyworld. No Disney. It’s a travesty right?!

It’s not because I don’t want to go to a Disney park, it’s just one of those things which lingers on my bucket list. Growing up my parents would tell me that it was a waste of money and that’s why we didn’t go on holidays there, and now that I understand more about Disney Parks and how much it costs to go I totally get it.  I guess one of the reasons that I have never gone as a grown up (am I really one of those?! how do I adult?!) apart from the price is because of the subconscious fear that it won’t live up to my expectations and I’ll be left disappointed as well as poor.

While I imagine Disney to be a magical place full of joy and awe, I also imagine it to be warm and sticky and crowded and noisy. How am I supposed to get cute photos if I’m a sweaty stressed out blob?! Crowds are not my favourite, and crowds of screaming children is not anybody’s favourite. Maybe you can tell that I’m not a theme park enthusiast? Rides are not my thing. I have not yet become besotted with the thrills of the fun fair (I think I just like being in control too much, but I swear I’m not a ‘control freak’).

The thing is that no amount of screaming children and sticky floors can make me feel like it is not somewhere I want to visit. I want to visit so badly. Disney runs through my veins. I feel like Disney has probably cast some kind of magical spell over all of their theme parks which means that you are so awestruck and happy that you don’t even notice the millions of other people or the fact that your feet stick to the floor. The sounds of children are muted by pixie dust and magical sparkly mouse ears. It is a truly magical place where visitors find inner peace and eternal happiness for the few hours that they are there and you feel like nothing bad will ever happen again. It’s the most magical place on earth, right? It has to have some kind of crazy brainwashing powers.

Maybe if I wish upon a star really hard, I’ll get to go to Disney and find out for myself.

Who else hasn’t been to Disney, do you want to go? If you have been, what were your first impressions? Did it live up to your expectations? Let me know in the comments!

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This post was somewhat inspired by recent vlogs from The Young Wilsons, a recent Ladylike video on Disneybounding and regular Disney-esque posts appearing on my Twitter feed from Jenny In Neverland, so check them out!




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