September Staycation Day 2 (part one): Riverside Museum

While in Glasgow there is no shortage of things to do, and after we whittled down our options we decided to head to the Riverside Museum which was not far from our hotel.

We wanted something that would fill in a few hours but would not take up our whole day and this attraction was perfect – because of it’s free entry you can spend as much or as little time as you want and there is certainly plenty to see!

The museum’s main focus is transport and the walls are lined with cars and motorbikes from floor to ceiling. There are also emergency vehicles, trams, subways, trains, bicycles, campervans, carriages…really everything! There are also exhibits on popular toys, shops of era gone by and how travel and developing technologies in transport have changed the world. ¬†Oh yeah, the Riverside Museum has one other key feature that makes it stand out from the crowd – a tall ship on the river that you can climb aboard and explore for a taste of the sailor’s life!

This was my second time at the Riverside Museum (the first time was filling in time with a group of pre-teen girls) and I would thoroughly recommend any visitors (or even locals) pop in, especially if, like us, you are staying in the area. Even if it doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, it is free to enter (obviously they welcome donations but this is totally up to you and there is no push to get you to part with your cash) so what have you got to lose? Pop in and have a look around and your bound to find at least one thing that interests you, at least a little bit. It is suitable for all ages, and I would say that we saw a pretty wide variety of ages visiting when we were there!

The Riverside Museum also boasts two cafes and a gift shop, so if you want to spend all day there you can! I believe that they often host events, and the day we were there they had an outside beach (scroll down to see me enjoying my 2018 beach holiday in the rain!) and there was a big skateboarding event where kids could try skateboarding for the first time, design a mini-skateboard and see skilled skateboarders show off some of their tricks.

Below I have included some (because I’m that crazy person who always takes hundreds) of my photos from the day and I think that this selection perhaps shows the diversity of what is on display and what the museum has to offer – it definitely is good value for money!

Have you been to the Riverside Museum before? Let me know in the comments if you liked it! Also let me know some of your favourite things to do in Glasgow, I’d love some inspiration for my next visit!

I’m instantly attracted to anything shiny
Who else loves carousels?

I’m pretty sure this is what I actually look like to be honest

Chilling underground
Walls of bikes…
I caught a bus!

In remembrance of the many who have lost their lives to war
It’s not all transport
The museum is jam packed!
How many tourists lost their photos going through airport security on the way home?
It’s called a tall ship for a reason apparently…


View from the boatie
Wait, what?
Crew’s room
Uh oh …
My new pal Clyde
Why is there a flying gazelle?
Not quite the beach holiday of my dreams but close enough

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