September Staycation Day 2 (part two): Cirque Du Soleil OVO

After the Riverside Museum we spent our evening across the water in the SSE Hydro events venue watching the infamous Cirque Du Soleil.

Cirque Du Soleil have a number of shows touring the world at any one time, and the one we saw was called Ovo.  Needless to say it was incredible!  For anybody who doesn’t know, Cirque Du Soleil is a creative interpretation of circus with a focus on acrobatics, and I think it’s safe to say that those who are hired to represent Cirque Du Soleil are probably some of the world’s best performers.  Cirque Du Soleil is not just a random assortment of acts, but it is all tied together with a storyline – each show has a different storyline.  The storyline in this case was about nature and the development of relationships amongst a community of bugs after an incomer arrives with an egg. I realise that it probably sounds a bit weird or boring, but trust me it was definitely not – I guess you could perhaps say that it was indescribable. I guess in many ways the storyline runs deeper – a creative look at societal structure which is as relevant to 2018 humans as it was to that community of wee beasties. The storyline is used to break up the acrobatics – or perhaps the acrobatics are used to break up the storyline – and such is the level of talent on the stage that the audience are totally absorbed in the moment and during an acrobatic performance it easy to forget that there is a storyline at all.

The actors responsible for portraying the story had their comedy spot on, and even without words the audience knew exactly what was happening at any point. These actors also had the sometimes difficult job of getting the audience geed up for the performance, and getting some audience members up on the stage and involved in the fun. Since we were there on a Saturday night audience enthusiasm was probably not too difficult, but from experience I know that weeknight audiences are sometimes a bit more tricky but I’m sure there was no problem at Ovo!

It was almost impossible to not fall in love with the sassy little ladybird – she was a Queen!

I really enjoyed this performance – I think it’s safe to say we all did – my only complaint would be that it was too short, I could have watched it for so much longer! Oh yeah, and the merchandise is crazy expensive too. The performance however – wow! I totally recommend and would comfortably say that Cirque Du Soleil is just as mesmerising in real life as it is when you see it on TV or online. If Cirque Du Soleil – any of their shows – are coming anywhere near you then I thoroughly recommend checking the show out!



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