September Staycation Day 3: from Hard Rock to Home

Sunday rolled around and it was time for us to head from Glasgow, but not without one final wander along the river and a pitstop at Hard Rock Cafe for some souvenirs!

This morning did not offer the same calmness as Saturday’s and there was no glass-like reflection of the armadillo and Hydro visible from our window. ¬†Regardless after packing everything (I even checked under the bed for runaway socks!) we went out for a last stroll (and a last attempt at catching some Pokemon and overthrowing some gyms, to be totally honest) but we didn’t stay out any longer than necessary due to the chill in the wind and the looming rain clouds.


We then got a taxi into the centre of the city where my parents wanted to visit Hard Rock (I certainly wasn’t protesting!) and grab some lunch before catching our train. I’ve never eaten in Glasgow’s HRC, but I have visited the shop a few times and unfortunately for my bank account I’ve never left empty handed. This time was no different! Like all Hard Rock Cafes, in my opinion, Glasgow is worth checking out even just for the decor!


From here we went to Sainsbury’s and grabbed some food for the train before heading to Queen Street Station to wait for our train for an hour (we were early, it wasn’t late) and get choo choo’d up the road. We were all so tired from our busy weekend (and the lurgy) that I think we each took a turn to nap during the journey and upon getting off the train at the end of our journey we decided just to head home (via Tesco for a pee stop) and chill instead of going out for our evening meal.

Arriving home was cosy, comfy and somewhat wonderful – made all the better at the thought of not having to get up for work on Monday morning!

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