If Straight Were Gay

Okay, so this video is nearly 20 minutes long but I think it’s well worth the time.  Regardless of your thoughts on homosexuality, or in fact any sexuality that is not heterosexuality, I think you need to watch this and think hard about the message behind it.

What if a normal family had two Mums and no Dad, or two Dads and no Mum?  What if your family were strongly HETEROphobic? What if a loved up couple naturally conceiving a baby was unnatural? These are questions which you never really ask yourself…because you’ve never had to.  In fact, apparently heterophobic isn’t even a real word, what does that tell you?  I’ve created a brand new word, you saw it here first!

In the UK there’s currently a large, well supported, push for ‘gay marriage’ to be legalised.  In some countries it is already legal.  In some countries, people are getting SENTENCED to death because they are not heterosexual.  This is not the haters afflicting an unfortunate end to the life of gay and lesbian couples for ‘being different’, this is actual governments enforcing death upon their own citizens.  Living in such a free place as the UK, you will always stand up and take note of these situations because they just seem so backwards.

As a person all too familiar with the societal afflictions of a minority sexuality, I think the heterosexual majority reading this need to go and ask yourself- what if we were the minority?  What if being straight was actually illegal?

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