How To Pack Better For Your Next Holiday | Contributed Content

Holidays are supposed to be fun, but packing for the trip can sometimes ruin the excitement and bring a sense of overwhelm and frustration. You are usually limited by the size of your suitcase, and the weight the airline dictates. … Continue reading How To Pack Better For Your Next Holiday | Contributed Content

To Blog Or Not To Blog…

So WordPress, long time no see eh? I last posted almost a year ago, and admittedly it has been 2 years since you had the TLC you deserved, and so much has happened since then, and I’ve had to work through it all without you by my side which was just weird! The start of this week saw me seriously asking myself if I should start writing again. I wanted to, deep inside, more than anything. I wanted to return to that little corner of cyber space that gave me a channel to vent my borderline insanity and outrageous lesbianistic … Continue reading To Blog Or Not To Blog…

Mexico City Is Wonderland.

Welcome to the first ever blog post from my sexy new computer!  It’s so shiny and new *strokes* ANYWAY, hi there. DO YOU KNOW WHERE I’VE BEEN? In July I made the wee journey over to big bad Mexico for a fortnight.  Whilst there I was fortunate enough to stay in the centre of Mexico City (capital of Mexico) for nearly a week (split in two by my visit to Our Cabana, but that is unimportant right now), and I thought that I would share some of my observations with you all. Mexico City is beautiful as long as you … Continue reading Mexico City Is Wonderland.

Crazy, Crazy Nights.

Can I just take a minute to breath?  Life has been so insanely crazy this past few weeks, and I think it’s starting to catch up with me!  Had myself a little cryfest last night when life just all became a little bit too much.  On the bright side I’m off work till Monday night which means that I don’t have to change out of my pyjamas until then.  Still got myself college work to do, running a little behind, but it will all be done before I get dressed! First stop in my little chaotic whirlwind month was Mum’s … Continue reading Crazy, Crazy Nights.