Oh Yes We Did! Five Reasons A Summer Panto Was Just What I Needed This Weekend

I was lucky enough to get invited to check out the Aberdeen Pantomime Rapunzel at The Tivoli (opposite Union Square!) and it turns out that it was just what the doctor ordered when the world was getting a little overwhelming!

Now, I know your reaction – a PANTOMIME? in JULY?

Y E S.

It ticked everything on the pantomime checklist but without the festive cheesiness.

So here is five reasons that Rapunzel made my week that little bit better:

  1. It’s brainless. We all know the story of Rapunzel (even if it had some pantomime twists) and sometimes you just need a story that you don’t need to think about and concentrate on to help you relax. Also the cast has only 5 people so it’s impossible to lose track of who somebody is!
  2. Sometimes cheap laughs are the best laughs. In true panto style the jokes were incredibly silly but you know what? You still laugh. Sometimes, in fact, you laugh harder…because it’s just SO stupid.
  3. The actors were having fun, so we were having fun. This to me is the number one rule of theatre, especially with something like panto. When the people on stage look like they are having a good time then you’re probably going to have a good time too – if you don’t believe me think about how you prefer the service in a shop or cafe of somebody who looks like they enjoy their job. Same rule applies.
  4. The kids were having the time of their little lives. There’s something contagious about happy children, right? Their delight is infectious. So being in an auditorium half filled with delighted children raised the spirits of everybody in there – parents and non-parents alike.
  5. George Sampson. The BGT star gets the chance to show that he is still a talented dancer 10 years on, and the crowd were lapping it up!

Other things I loved about Rapunzel was the baddie Horabella (a likeable baddie? The most talented actor on stage? Probably.) and there wasn’t a single mention of the big bad B(rexit) word that is plastered everywhere. Oh, and there’s only one Trump joke.

The only thing I wish is that Rapunzel’s hair was longer – she’s certainly not lifting anyone into her tower with hair the same length as mine!

The panto has various shows until tomorrow- check it out!

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