MY FIRST GIVEAWAY | 1000 Follower Facebook Fun


If you head over to my Facebook page between now and 10pm (BST) on Monday July 23 you could be in with a chance of winning an Amazon gift voucher! Not following me on Facebook yet? Just search for Kirsty Through The Looking Glass!

Screen shot 2018-07-20 at 09.40.20.png

I set the goal of reaching 1000 followers on Facebook by my birthday, and you guys did not disappoint! In fact, you pulled out all the stops and we hit 1000 with more than a month to spare! I really wanted to find a way to celebrate and say thank you to you all for every ounce of support you have thrown my way. I’m only sorry I’m not able to do a bigger giveaway at this time, but with your continued support I’m sure that will come soon enough!

I’m also throwing an extra challenge out there – if we can surpass 500 followers on Twitter and Instagram by Monday (guess when my birthday is!) then I’ll throw in a bonus to the giveaway! My username on both is @kirstyttlg – go keep up to date with everything that’s going on!

So go forth, take part, spread the news and most of all… thank you and good luck!

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