28 Things I Have Done Since Turning 27!

Isn’t it weird how having a birthday can make you reflect on the time that has passed? It’s like Hogmanay, except we all have a different one. Looking back on the 365 days since my birthday I realise there have been a lot of changes and I thought I’d take a minute to share some of these experiences with you…

  1. I successfully transported my birthday bouquet of roses and my birthday cake all the way from India to Scotland in my hand luggage.
  2. I survived my first Turriff Show as a reporter (AKA busiest time of the year).
  3. I saw the Edinburgh Military Tattoo for the first time.
  4. I wasted too much of my life trying to get insurance to pay out for my phone after the monsoons of India killed it. I never got it.
  5. I returned to archery thanks to a new club opening up nearby.
  6. After years of denial I succumbed to being a left handed archer, because the other option was to give up archery altogether.
  7. I sustained a pretty nasty ankle injury which put me out of action for 4 months (it still hurts sometimes).
  8. I committed to relaunching my blog and even though I wasn’t totally happy with it on launch day I made it happen anyway. With the relaunch of my blog came some new social media accounts – new Instagram, new Twitter and new Pinterest.
  9. I filmed my first vlog. I haven’t posted it yet, but it is in the editing process.
  10. I attended my first blogger event – the Ellefluence Summit in Newcastle.
  11. I went to the dentist with toothache and found out that I had a wisdom tooth trying to grow sideways in my jaw and it was taking the nerve with it.
  12. I was referred for an urgent operation to get the tooth out and almost 11 hours after arriving in the ward my operation was cancelled and I was sent home.
  13. I set myself a followers goal for Christmas because I thought stats mattered and I missed it – but I was still happy.
  14. I started a major declutter, and donated around 40 bags of clothes. I’m definitely still a hoarder.
  15. I spent Christmas with my Godson.
  16. I posted my first video on YouTube.
  17. I missed new year thanks to a migraine.
  18. After finding out that I had not been put back on the tooth operation waiting list (admin error) I was taken in as an emergency and finally got the operation. My first ever operation. (I feel lots better now)
  19. I spontaneously booked flights to Rome and embarked on my first proper solo adventure.
  20. I celebrated my baby brother turning 18 by driving him through a blizzard to a bowling competition.
  21. I bought said brother the holiday of his dreams (kinda). Roll on November!
  22. I bought a hamster – my first ever hamster and my first pet in about 15 years!
  23. I took part in my first archery competition and won a prize for best scoring arrow…in somebody else’s target.
  24. I finally hit one of my follower goals.
  25. I made a blogger friend, and now he’s my boyfriend. He’s pretty fab.
  26. I bought a house. I haven’t moved in yet but I’m getting there!
  27. I started the process of registering as self employed. This blog could soon officially be a second job!
  28. I dragged my family frolfing and we had some of the best family time.

7 thoughts on “28 Things I Have Done Since Turning 27!

  1. You’ve had an amazing year! Congratulations on buying a house! And everything else! Except maybe the ankle injury and surgery. That’s no fun haha but glad you recovered!


  2. What a fun list of things you have accomplished this year, you should be proud. I love that you now have a recap to look back at and compare to at the next big milestone birthday and see how far you have come. Setting goals for ones self is a great way to step outside of the complacency box.


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