Crazy, Crazy Nights.

Can I just take a minute to breath?  Life has been so insanely crazy this past few weeks, and I think it’s starting to catch up with me!  Had myself a little cryfest last night when life just all became a little bit too much.  On the bright side I’m off work till Monday night which means that I don’t have to change out of my pyjamas until then.  Still got myself college work to do, running a little behind, but it will all be done before I get dressed! First stop in my little chaotic whirlwind month was Mum’s … Continue reading Crazy, Crazy Nights.

Sibling Support.

That photo (well the photo that the photo is of, when I next find this album I’ll scan the actual photo) was taken on my 10th birthday, and that child would be my 5 month old brother. Awww.  I now find myself sitting alone, 12 years later because he’s spending the first week of his Tattie Holidays at a residential music programme having the time of his life with a guitar. I am incredibly grateful for having such a wonderful sibling.  Somebody who I’ve been known to describe as “more of a friend than a brother.”  Somebody who knows me inside out and … Continue reading Sibling Support.

What’s My Age Again?

Age will always be a very dangerous topic of conversation.  My brother and I spent too much time at a party last night persuading new friends that we were not 14 and 16. We’re 12 and 22.  We were born nearly a decade apart, we’re not like most siblings. Yes, my brother is two and a half inches taller than me.  Yes, he does appear to have hit puberty like a tonne of bricks in the last 6 months.  Get over it.  I haven’t grown since I was 12.  2 days after my 17th birthday, I went into Woolworths and … Continue reading What’s My Age Again?