Crazy, Crazy Nights.

Can I just take a minute to breath?  Life has been so insanely crazy this past few weeks, and I think it’s starting to catch up with me!  Had myself a little cryfest last night when life just all became a little bit too much.  On the bright side I’m off work till Monday night which means that I don’t have to change out of my pyjamas until then.  Still got myself college work to do, running a little behind, but it will all be done before I get dressed!

Me, my godson and the birthday girl 🙂
My two favourite boys 🙂


First stop in my little chaotic whirlwind month was Mum’s birthday at the end of April.  Being the awesome child(ren) that I(we) are, we (I) ordered her weekly shopping for her and paid for it (that was definitely not my brother parting with his money, but he still managed to take credit for it!).  On the Saturday we went out for tea and a quiz night with all her friends (see the above photos).  The quiz was in aid of the trip to Mexico that the Guidey people are having in July…I’m one of those Guidey people. In all it was a really good night, my ridiculously extensive knowledge of the works of Roald Dahl came in handy in no less than 3 rounds and after a tie breaker my team came 3rd.  Mum’s team won, and Dad’s team came 2nd…there were 14 teams there so I was pretty proud of this little achievement (Our party constituted 5 of those teams, but pfft…details).  Oh and I didn’t spend a penny, woop woop!  Then on the Sunday we went out for tea again because my brother was at a Pool Party…yum yum.

A week passed and then it was Saturday again, this time we were out for a meal to celebrate Dad and Granny’s birthday.  In terms of remembering things, it comes in really handy when all of the special birthdays fall in the same year but damn it isn’t half expensive!  Next on the cards was May Day, which I’m not going to bore you with here since there is an entire blog devoted to it here :

Me and my cousins out for Dad & Granny's birthdays :)
Me and my cousins out for Dad & Granny’s birthdays 🙂
Birthday Boy 🙂

Another week passed (this is generally the way of it, my weekdays are a blur of commuting to college, actually attending college, doing college work at 2am and going to Hell. Sorry, I mean work…going to work) and this next weekend was spent working. I actually worked the whole weekend – one shift before college on Thursday, 2 shifts on Friday, 2 shifts on Saturday and then a shift on Sunday too…then I worked Monday and Tuesday too.  The reason for so much time spent in the place I can describe as nothing short of a personal Hell?  It was the staff night out, and all of my colleagues are significantly more sociable than I am.  So I made pennies instead!

Fast forward to May 17th, and it was time for the College Prom.  After an awful lot of stress (AKA a wardrobe filled with pretty dresses and nothing to wear)  I found myself in my friend’s flat in Aberdeen trying to name all of the Black Eyed Peas and arguing with my hair.  After only a minor hiccup (okay, I’d forgotten to pack my bra which is a pretty major hiccup but the corner shop had safety pins so a breakdown was avoided), we hopped into the taxi with our suitcase in tow.  Arriving at Pittodrie (and getting banded as an underager at 22 years of age, thank you very much ACSA) we somehow managed to manoeuvre the million stairs (high heels and stairs are a terrible combination) and snag a table.  Gemma did a wonderful job of the decorations and the tables were adorned with confetti and glitter and each table was completed with bottles of bubbles, helium balloons and a packet of cards.  In all it was a great night, made even better by the fact that my Mum came in to pick us up so we didn’t have to make our way home on the last bus in ball gowns.

Martha and I
Martha and I
bubbles and card games, what more do you need? :3
bubbles and card games, what more do you need? :3


Amy, Katie, Gemma, Hannah and I :)
Amy, Katie, Gemma, Hannah and I 🙂

The next day and it was time for Guide camp: 26 hours of rain, mud and more rain.  When was the last time you barbecued frozen sausages in a shower of hailstones?  Weather aside it was a really good night and it was great to see a group of girls having so much fun doing something that’s so simple.  They never moaned, they just got on with it…slugs and all.  On the Monday I found myself at Robert Gordon University with a handful of my classmates to mingle with some fairly important people from Aberdeen’s PR and Communications scene.  That was a really interesting experience (and the cake was delicious), and has resulted in my now having a LinkedIn profile.  So if you’re on LinkedIn too, get in touch and let’s get connected!

Finally (as you’ll be glad to read!) last weekend my parents ventured off on the ‘mystery weekend’ which my brother and I gifted them with for their birthdays.  It got off to a bit of a rough start when their train was cancelled, but we kicked them onto the next one and hoped for the best which was thankfully a success!  Over the weekend they stayed in Dundee and visited Edinburgh Zoo and Discovery whilst also managing to fit in a few meals out and a concert of a Queen tribute band.  Of course, the mice were playing in the cats’ absence!  Our best laid plans for completing college work/school work/ house work were put to rest when the sun came out in all it’s glory.  We ended up having a water fight (slightly one sided since I was the only one who could fill and tie the water bombs), eating copious amounts of ice cream and barbecuing Mars bars (which tastes amazing by the way.)  Then they came home, and the fun was over. (There are photos of this weekend too but they have yet to make it off of my camera…so organised)

So now here I am, curled up with my duvet and a packet of chocolate digestives, looking forward to a nice peaceful weekend…who am I kidding?

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