Just A Thought….

I come from a great family, a family who are great in every sense of the word.  I mean my whole extended family, not just my immediate family.  If you extend my family tree in the right directions you would find a lot of very successful people.  A family riddled with lawyers, doctors and teachers.  People who will be spoken about so highly whenever people get the chance, men and women alike who are in professions of great wealth, holding positions that they have worked very hard to achieve.  I’m proud of my family, of every single relation, and I wish I could get a chance to tell them this but there’s so many of them in so many places across the world that I never will, and that makes me a little sad.  I love my family, but I don’t love when they shower me in updates about my other relatives achievements and look upon me with such impossible expectations.

Of course I would be capable of all the things my relatives have achieved if I set my mind to it, but the truth is that I don’t want to.  I have no interest in becoming a lawyer or a doctor. I have no interest in living in a mansion in the suburbs of some dingy Scottish city, nor do I want a beautiful family on the other side of the world.

All I really want is my own little place in the middle of nowhere, and the freedom to write.  To play my music for as long and as loud I want.  To be left alone.  To travel the world and photograph all the lonely countries, the beautiful countries, the cold countries…and then come home and write about it.  I want to walk through the countryside undisturbed, and spin around like a child in the snow. I’d love to find the time to fuel my passion for writing, to retell the tales of my freedom, but still have the money to survive comfortably.   Just once I would like to sit in the peace of my own company, and watch the night sky.    To dance in the rain without any interference.  It may seem like a lonely life, but in no way do I doubt that for me it would be a happy life.

So why can’t my family understand that all I want…all that I really want…is to fall hopelessly in love with life itself?

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