A Letter To The Lady On The Bus (and any other woman who has been asked to justify not having children)

We shouldn’t have to be having this conversation in 2019. Continue reading A Letter To The Lady On The Bus (and any other woman who has been asked to justify not having children)

Just A Thought….

I come from a great family, a family who are great in every sense of the word.  I mean my whole extended family, not just my immediate family.  If you extend my family tree in the right directions you would find a lot of very successful people.  A family riddled with lawyers, doctors and teachers.  People who will be spoken about so highly whenever people get the chance, men and women alike who are in professions of great wealth, holding positions that they have worked very hard to achieve.  I’m proud of my family, of every single relation, and I … Continue reading Just A Thought….

Crazy, Crazy Nights.

Can I just take a minute to breath?  Life has been so insanely crazy this past few weeks, and I think it’s starting to catch up with me!  Had myself a little cryfest last night when life just all became a little bit too much.  On the bright side I’m off work till Monday night which means that I don’t have to change out of my pyjamas until then.  Still got myself college work to do, running a little behind, but it will all be done before I get dressed! First stop in my little chaotic whirlwind month was Mum’s … Continue reading Crazy, Crazy Nights.

When Life Hands You A Drunk Make Conversationade.

“My daughter, she’s 45 now. She looks out for me. Well sometimes. Sometimes she looks out for me, you know? My sons though, her brothers, I don’t know anymore. 5 years. They don’t want anything to do with me. Maybe they’re dead but I don’t worry about it anymore. Why bother?” *** Regardless of the fact that I was at the bus station in time for the 4:30 bus today, something held me back. Today I decided to get the later bus, minimise the amount of time I’d sit next to a stranger in traffic. This decision lead to 3 … Continue reading When Life Hands You A Drunk Make Conversationade.

Who Would Know ‘Silent Night’ Backwards?

Arthur Christmas, that’s who.  Son of Malcolm and Margaret Christmas, brother of Steve. Arthur Christmas is, in my opinion, the latest must see festive movie.  Filled with everything that a good Christmas movie should have-lots of snow, an overdose of christmassy cheer, a splash of emotion and of course an overweight man (it’s not politically correct to say fat anymore, is it?) with a beard and a red suit. The story takes place on Christmas eve, when Santa’s out busy doing his rounds to all the children of the world.  Steve is head of operations running his regimental elf task force, Malcolm is … Continue reading Who Would Know ‘Silent Night’ Backwards?

London 2012, a la Glasgow.

If you don’t know what London 2012 was, I demand to know where you have been for the last 10 years, especially the past 12 months.  I am, of course, talking about the Olympic Games, that every Brit (I can’t talk for the rest of the world unfortunately) was sick to death of hearing about.  You couldn’t go anywhere, or do anything, without being reminded about them, and the closer the games drew the worse that it got.  Remember we’re British, we were only ever destined to mess it up monumentally, especially after Beijing’s amazing performance.  This was our chance … Continue reading London 2012, a la Glasgow.

Sibling Support.

That photo (well the photo that the photo is of, when I next find this album I’ll scan the actual photo) was taken on my 10th birthday, and that child would be my 5 month old brother. Awww.  I now find myself sitting alone, 12 years later because he’s spending the first week of his Tattie Holidays at a residential music programme having the time of his life with a guitar. I am incredibly grateful for having such a wonderful sibling.  Somebody who I’ve been known to describe as “more of a friend than a brother.”  Somebody who knows me inside out and … Continue reading Sibling Support.

An Inkwell of Tears, A Quill of Pain

Hey Pop! Wow, it’s been 15 years now, can you believe it? 15 years today since you were so cruelly stolen, but I was okay with it then, and I guess I’m still okay with it now. 15 years and a day since I sat in the left hand side back passenger seat of our red Volvo after school and they told me that the doctor said you would never get better, but that you weren’t going to die any time soon.  I guess those doctors were wrong, huh?  Now that I’m older, I realise there was no way they … Continue reading An Inkwell of Tears, A Quill of Pain