What To Do With Your Summer | Contributed Content

Spring has sprung, the clocks have changed and the nights are lighter; so it’s time to get thinking about what to do with your summer! If you’re a student and have a long break, you work full time but have some annual leave to take, or you need to make the most of your weekends and the beautiful weather, have a look at this list and get some inspiration for how to make the most of the summer months:


Be A Tourist In Your Home Town

So many of us can live in a place pretty much with our eyes shut. Having tourist attractions or nearby towns on your doorstep often means you never go there, you know it’s not going anywhere sometimes you don’t even think about it. This summer, try to think like a tourist and look at your surroundings with fresh eyes. Do some of research on what may be available in the area. Have you driven by a particular place time and time again, thinking, I really should check that out? Pretend to yourself that you have guests coming and you will need to be their tour guide. Find all the exciting sites and things to do in your area. Make an itinerary for the pretend visit. Then go out and enjoy your local area.


Plant a Garden

It might not be something you’ve done before but gardening is not only a great hobby, a good summer project, it also has satisfying results. There is so much joy along the process; from the planting of the seeds to the blossoming of the buds, and then the great taste of freshness. You can grow vegetables or herbs or flowers instead and just having bursts of colour in your garden beds will brighten up your view each day. It very rewarding and then you can enjoy sitting in your garden too.


Go Camping

When was the last time you switched your phone off, were offline and just spent time with your family and friends and connected to nature? You can clear your mind and wake up to the morning light and the sound of birds, and start the day off on a relaxed pace.


Go Travelling

If you have the time, then make the most of it. It doesn’t have to be for months, it can be for a couple of weeks, and there are loads of different trips you can choose from to suit your needs and your budget. It’s not just going on holiday; travelling is an experience, you’ll meet new people, you’ll try new things and go to new places. Take a look at The Leap for some inspiration and then take a leap and go for it.


Go To A Sporting Event

Many sporting events take place over the summer, and while it can get costly if you go to the major sporting events, many local teams play in the summer that you can go and support. Have a look around and find a game or two that you can go to with your family and go and see something new that you’ve not seen before, think outdoor car tracks, tennis, softball, volleyball, soccer, or baseball.


The featured image is by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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