What Steps Can Be Taken To Make Your Living Room Bigger? | Contributed Content

The clue is in the title: your living room is designed for living. And if you want to unlock the full potential of what is arguably the most important room in the home, it needs to look and feel bigger. This will enable you to truly enjoy the space as a family, which is the least you deserve.

For this to happen, then, you will need to establish a winning strategy. Use the following checklist for guidance and you won’t go wrong.

#1. Choose the right colour schemes

Whether consciously or subconsciously, colour schemes are the first thing that you will notice about any room. This is because they set the atmosphere and influence your mood when interacting with the space. A light colour scheme will make rooms look larger, especially when coupled with the right lighting. Warm colours, your favourite shades, and hues that promote positive emotional reactions will serve you well.

Make this the foundation of your new interior design plans and it can help direct all future steps.

#2. Select the right furniture

Furniture choices will have a huge influence on the living room space. The right products will add style, provide comfort, and utilise all available space. Dreamo Living boasts a wide range of pieces for living rooms. Whether your living room is square, long, or shaped with alcoves doesn’t matter. Choose items that are matched to the dimensions.

Crucially, you must avoid buying unnecessary items. Focus solely on what brings comfort for your family.

#3. Know your storage needs

Overcrowding will quickly ruin the success of a good layout and colour scheme. Therefore, you must take this opportunity to declutter and sell unwanted products. Meanwhile, you can create additional storage with ottomans and coffee tables with extra storage. Alternatively, if you have storage spaces in the hallway or under the stairs, you can use this to great effect.

Once you are in control of the storage spaces, your living room is bound to feel larger with instant results.

#4. Use the walls to your advantage

Saving valuable floor space will always be one of the most important steps for creating a better living room vibe. This is especially true when working with compact spaces. Losing bulky TV units or outdated display cabinets can work wonders. Catch TV brackets and shelving will open up the space without losing the personality or function you crave.

Adding family photos and canvases is another awesome way to create a larger vibe and inject added character.

#5. Go open plan

It’s not an option that’s open to everyone due to the floorplans or budgets involved. If possible, though, you may want to consider an open plan living and dining room space. Alternatively, adding sliding doors out to the backyard can make the space feel infinitely bigger once they are opened. Serving hatches for the kitchen are another possible solution.

If you are going to take this approach, you must ensure that there is a level of consistency in the design choices.

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