5 Tips For Protecting The Things That Matter | Contributed Content

When you’re at home and with your family, safety is key. Protecting the things that matter is easy with a little common sense and help from technology.

Protect Valuables and Items of Data

Families of all income levels are at risk from intruders. You might not realize how much your possessions mean to a desperate drug addict or someone with no regard for others. As a homeowner, you may not have a basic alarm system installed in your home. However, you’d be wise to lock up valuables to prevent theft and lower insurance (https://www.onesureinsurance.co.uk/) rates even if you do. In the era of heightened data theft, a passport or birth certificate can be as valuable as expensive commodities. 

Get Some Help from Modern Technology 

Alexa and Siri probably don’t need an introduction. Both are virtual assistants that are part of the smart tech world. A smart device is anything connected to another device from which it learns. Smart locks and video doorbells are good examples. Wi-Fi-enabled cameras and voice-activated alarms are also available. Mobile apps make it easy for these innovations to work with popular assistants like Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri. With apps, you can control them remotely, and they will notify you if any issues arise, such as someone tampering with a lock.

Practice Safe Driving at all Times

Families need to be safe outside the home, too. Family cars are just as prone to accidents as anyone else’s. There’s no way to completely eliminate the possibility of an incident, but you can lower it dramatically. You can stay safe by driving carefully and remaining vigilant against bad drivers. But try not to get distracted too much. And this includes staying off your phone. Globally, over 1.5 million road traffic accidents are caused by people talking or texting on their phones. Shockingly, this figure exceeds that of alcohol-related incidents.

Carefully Select Your Inner Circle

Anyone can have a shady side, so it’s best to watch those we let into our lives. In almost all cases, someone known to the victim commits a major crime, like murder or abuse. Perhaps you might be a good person with a positive outlook, and therefore you trust anyone. But you never really know what someone is thinking. Because of this, getting to know someone well before you let them into your life will help ensure safety for you and your family. Otherwise, things could begin to go missing, or worse, you might find yourself the victim of violence. 

Always Secure Your House when You Leave

When most people leave a house, they don’t secure it first, especially if they’re going to pop out for a moment. However, it only takes a minute for someone to enter your home or for an accidental fire to start. That’s why you should always do a quick safety check of your house before you leave. It helps to shut down your gas and electrics, lock your windows, and extinguish any candles. Additionally, make sure you actually use your home’s security alarm. What’s the point of installing it only to let a burglar walk right in?


Installing smart devices like video doorbells and CCTV can go a long way in securing your home. But your family is better protected with safe driving and being vigilant about strangers.

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