How Important Is Natural Light In The Home?

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When you’re looking for a house to make a home, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Location. Price. Size. Does it have a garden, or a garage? What kind of nick is it in?

Do you put a lot of thought into the amount of light in your new found property, though? It’s definitely not high on the list of priorities, but that doesn’t mean tat it’s not important! Of course, artificial lighting through standard lamps and fittings can stop a room from being dinghy, but you just can’t beat natural light at the end of the day.

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So what makes natural light so great indoors?

Firstly, it makes a room feel fresher to have the sun shine in. You don’t have to have cleaned or had a major declutter or anything, just throw open the curtains and watch the feeling of the room change.

Secondly, natural light is so much better for photographs than artificial light! Selfies and photos of every little thing in our lives is a pretty big part of modern culture, and it’s definitely called the golden hour for a reason. Even if getting the perfect shot for Insta isn’t important to you, it’s nice to know that the option is there, isn’t it?

It helps your body clock keep time. Studies have shown that artificial light can mess with your body clock, and while it’s impossible to eliminate artificial light from your life altogether (unless you live a screen free life in a tent in the woods, or something, in which case, you’re not reading this!)

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Finally, and this is probably related in part to the above point, but good lighting is good for your mental health! It may seem like everything is about mental health nowadays, but that’s because the importance mental health has been overlooked for so long. Just take a second to think about it, would you be more comfortable relaxing in a well lit room, or a room that’s dark and dingy? I bet that most if not all of you said well lit! The sun reacts with chemicals in the body to create positive feelings and you don’t have to be outside in it to reap the benefits!

So how can you reap the benefits of natural sunlight indoors? Since buying my house last year I’ve picked up a few tips and I am delighted to have this opportunity to share them with you!

If you’re windows are really old, then you might need to considering getting yourself some replacement windows – not just to improve the quality of light entering your house, but also to help keep the heat in (and the cold out!) and to increase the security of your property. A big decision to have to make, but a real game changer in your home.

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So how can you maintain your privacy while still allowing the light in?

Net curtains.

One of my main windows is literally on the street, no garden or anything to provide a barrier. As soon as I moved in I realised that I was going to have to do something because I would catch so many people peering in the window – and who could blame them when this property that had been vacant and for sale for so long was suddenly sold? It was suggested that I get blinds like the neighbouring properties have, but the thing is that I didn’t want to sacrifice the natural light! That’s when I decided to get a net curtain, and a family friend kindly bought and fitted one as a housewarming gift. It may sound really old fashioned, but there are such a range of these types of curtains now that it doesn’t have to be like hanging a doily from your window. I don’t notice any difference in the amount of light that comes in the window, but it keeps prying eyes at bay!

Patterned glass.

This is one I learned from my parents – if you’ve got a bathroom or another room where you’ll likely always want privacy then consider getting patterned glass when you’re having them fitted!

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Fake patterned glass.

Not ready to make the commitment to patterned glass? Wanting to increase your privacy without the expense of replacing your windows? You can buy window stickers that create the illusion of patterned glass! I got mine off Amazon, and they definitely do the job and the effect is pretty convincing!

Ceiling windows.

These are great for attic conversion, rooms with sloping roofs, staircases or corridors. I have two portholes in my house, that were there when I moved in. At first I thought they were a bit odd, but I’m actually super grateful for them as they do make a huge difference!

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  1. We rent our home and the natural light in the living room really isn’t great, so natural light is really something we would take note of now when we do look to move or buy somewhere. x #Blogtober19


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