Meet The Body Shop’s 2019 Christmas range.

Everybody has something that they look forward to that signals the start of festive season. The John Lewis advert? The Irn Bru advert? A special shop window display? A local festive event?

Or maybe…the launch of The Body Shop’s Christmas range?

I have been obsessed with The Body Shop’s Christmas range for years. I spend months speculating what this year’s scents will be, will they be nice? When I finally find out what the scents for the season are, I start anticipating which one I will like the most (it was a tough call between vanilla marshmallow and peppermint candy cane last year!)

So when The Body Shop in Aberdeen invited the local bloggers along to see this year’s Christmas range you can bet your bottom dollar that I was right there at the front of the metaphorical queue.

So what is in this year’s Christmas range?

Advent Calendars

This year sees the return of three different advent calendars from The Body Shop. As always, it’s worth doing your research before purchasing one their calendars because if you like and use the items inside then they’re actually incredible value for money! If it’s all products or scents that you don’t like, however, then you’re definitely just better off buying a 99p chocolate advent calendar from the supermarket and treating yourself to a few of your Body Shop faves!

The standard advent calendar (purple) costs £45, and contains £81 worth of products.

The deluxe advent calendar (red) costs £65, and contains £125 worth of products.

The ultimate advent calendar (which I don’t remember seeing in the Aberdeen store during our visit, so might be an online exclusive or only in select stores) costs £99, and contains £248.50 worth of products.

Eltoria has done full unboxing videos for each of the three calendars over on her YouTube channel.

Gift Sets

Okay so I know that The Body Shop is one of the few companies to offer gift sets all year round, but hear me out. At Christmas there are even more gift sets than normal and this year they have well and truly stepped up their packaging game! The packaging on some of this year’s gift sets is so freaking cute! Well done design team!


Christmas Scents

Now for the big one that you all came here for…this year’s Christmas scents! In previous years The Body Shop has launched three scents in a variety of popular products exclusively for the festive season, and this year was no different. What was different this year, however, was that I actually liked all three! I don’t think that has happened ever in the history of Body Shop Christmasses!

So now that I’ve built the suspense, I can tell you that this year’s three scents are warm vanilla, juicy pear and rich plum! Warm vanilla is by far my favourite, but I was surprised to find that there wasn’t a scent in the festive range that I disliked this year. Admittedly the vanilla is not too different to the vanilla scents of the past two years (vanilla chai 2017 and vanilla marshmallow 2018), but since it’s becoming a bit of a favourite of mine I have to say that I’m not complaining!

Have you smelled this year’s scents yet? Let me know which one is your favourite! If you haven’t tried them yet, which one do you think you would prefer? Let’s talk all things Body Shop Christmas in the comments!




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