Five Netflix Shows I Just Can’t Stop Watching

One of my favourite forms of self care is to curl up on the sofa or in bed with some easy to watch TV – sometimes it’s a movie (or a whole lot of Disney movies, let’s be honest), sometimes it’s comedy shows and sometimes it’s binge watching a series of some description.

The brilliant thing with technological advances is that instead of having to curl around a ridiculous little screen, you can now utilise sites like Netflix on actual televisions like the Oled TV Panasonic which makes the quality and experience SO MUCH BETTER!

Iliza Schlesinger

I discovered this comedian on a whim and I absolutely ADORE her. She now has three specials on Netflix – Confirmed Kills, Freezing Hot and War Paint – and has literally just finished recording her fourth one and started touring Europe. She is one funny lady and always manages to perk me up!

Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Literally the first thing I ever watched on Netflix and I am hooked! This programme is literally a little bit of everything and gives me some serious envy! I’m devastated that Netflix are planning on removing some of the best seasons at the end of the month, I literally watched a season a day when writing my dissertation. Once you’ve watched them you sometimes start to pick out episodes that you want to watch, like GIRL I just really need a Sharon Needles vs Phi Phi O’Hara lip sync in my life right now! *puts on episode*

Mock The Week

Okay so I love/loved this programme when it was on the TV, but it’s just not on enough – not even on Dave! It’s funny, even when you’ve seen it before, and it’s actually quite nice to be reminded of current affairs of the past sometimes especially the more obscure ones!

I Coulda Been Your Cell Mate!

This is another comedy, making me realise that I probably just use Netflix for my giggle fix! Mo’Nique performs in an American women’s prison and I just find this to be both touching and absolutely hilarious – I recommend checking it out!

American Horror Story

Hey look, this one isn’t a comedy! I quite like a little bit of AHS, and have quite enjoyed rewatching some of the episodes from time to time when the mood takes me.

What do you keep going back to again and again? Let me know in the comments below!

Please note that this post contains sponsored content, however all opinions and viewing habits are my own!

11 thoughts on “Five Netflix Shows I Just Can’t Stop Watching

  1. Sense8, all of the Marvel shows, Supernatural, Series of Unfortunate Events, and Heist are top 5 for me… Maybe… I don’t know haha I’m tired, and that’s the first 5 that came to mind


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