New Year, New Challenges

Welcome to 2019!

I have mentioned before how I’m not big on new year’s resolutions, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to take some time to reflect on things I want to achieve.

2019 And Me

So I thought that my first post of the year would be the perfect time to outline some of the things that I want to have a shot at in 2019 and then if I remember at the end of the year we can come back and see how I’ve done! I’m sure some of them will make their way into blogs or vlogs along the way.

I think that, unintentionally, a lot of these revolve around having a life of less work and more play but we’ll see how it goes!

So without further ado, here are 10 things that I’m hoping to do in 2019…

  1. Learn a musical instrument, or at least dabble a little bit.
  2. Learn BSL or Makaton as well as one new spoken language.
  3. Visit a country I’ve never been to before.
  4. Explore somewhere in my own country that I have never been to before.
  5. Try a new sport.
  6. Post something to somebody I care about at least once a month.
  7. Learn how to play chess.
  8. Spend more time reading books (and probably less time re-watching trash TV).
  9. Try to find a morning and/or night routine that works for me.
  10. Learn how to knit (or crochet or something like that).


2019 and KTTLG

So since KTTLG is such an intrinsic part of my existence nowadays, it wouldn’t be right to talk about what is happening in 2019 without talking about what is happening with this!

I said that I was planning to start posting more regularly, so going forward the aim is to post a blog on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I will give it a go for a few months and we will see how we get on and evaluate if three times a week is going to work!

Of course, Kirsty TTLG is more than just this blog. My aim coming into the new year is to post a new video every Sunday, but again we’ll see how we get on and take it from there! I wasn’t quite able to hit my target of 50 subscribers by the end of 2018, but we’re not far off. You can check out my YouTube here:

So social media…this is a tough one! I decided that coming into 2019 I wanted to try posting on Facebook and Instagram every day but I can already tell you that I am failing! I think with these things it’s just takes a minute to get into the groove, but hopefully you will soon be seeing much more regular stuff from me on my social media accounts (and not just my bizarre ramblings on Twitter!)

It would mean the world to me if you would like to follow me on any of my social media platforms:

Facebook: Kirsty Through The Looking Glass

Insta/Twitter/Pinterest: kirstyttlg

What are your aims for 2019? Please let me know in the comments below! Also if you think you can help me with my little 2019 challenges at all please get in touch, even if it’s just a recommendation of an app or something!


5 thoughts on “New Year, New Challenges

  1. I really the like the Duolingo app for learning a new language – it gets mixed reviews, and yeah it may never help you become fluent, but…it’s fun and easy, and in just ten minutes a day it gets you into the mindset of learning a new language.

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    1. Yikes, stupid laptop didn’t let me finish my comment!! For knitting, I recommend the book ‘Stitch n Bitch’ – I learned to knit from it. As for crochet, I needed to learn from a tutor as it was hard to get to grips with from a book (may just be me though).

      Good luck with all your aims!

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