Slytherins Are Not All Bad

The Sorting Hat doesn’t put you there because you’re evil, honest. Continue reading Slytherins Are Not All Bad

The Perils of Being Too Nice.

There’s this misconception that being a nice person is, well, nice.  Sometimes this is true, the warm glow when you help somebody out, the gratitude, the appreciation, the recognition.  It’s a little bit lovely, for lack of a better word.  Being nice isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be though, and I increasingly find myself coming to the realisation that ‘nice’ is just a euphemism for ‘pushover’.  It’s also worth noting that not all nice people are the same, but this blog concerns the people who are like me…the people who are TOO nice. Over the past few weeks I … Continue reading The Perils of Being Too Nice.

Hay Is Not Only For Horses.

One little word that can make all the difference. 3 little, seemingly insignificant, letters. Hey! Say “hi” to somebody, the way that they say “hey!” back can tell you a lot about how their day/week/life is going. I mean, think about it. Was it a ‘hey…’, a ‘hey.’ or a ‘hey!’. Now we all know you definitely read the last one differently, even if the first 2 sounded similar in your head. Just imagine the first one to be somewhat miserable, and the second one to be somewhat average and mundane to humour me, okay? More to the point, in … Continue reading Hay Is Not Only For Horses.