A Bit Of Fun Or Wildly Inappropriate? | SWAK Review

The items in this post were gifted to me in exchange for a review but all thoughts, feelings and shenanigans were totally my own.


Okay, so when the opportunity to review SWAK keyrings arose I admit I had to do a Google search – have you heard of SWAK? If, like me, SWAK is a bit foreign to you let me try to explain what they are.

SWAK – which by the way stands for Sealed With A Kiss – are trendy novelty keyrings. Shaped like lips and available in a variety of designs, the idea is that you take your SWAK and hold it up to the face or hand of a friend, family member or other one to give them a kiss. Popular in America they are now making their way here to the UK!

So you might be wondering what’s so exciting about lip shaped keyrings…and that’s because I missed out the most fun (funnest?!) part – when in contact with skin the keyrings make kissy noises. That’s right, hold it up to your face and expect a big loud MWAH. The longer you hold it there, the longer the kiss lasts.


So I am sure that most of you probably realise by now that SWAKs are not really targeted at me, a grown woman with a career and (almost) everything else. The target market is clearly a few years (decades?) younger than me. So why did I offer to review them?

There’s a certain fun in not growing all the way up, often reserved for grandparents and stereotypically wild aunties. The reality is that it can be anyone! There’s a certain level of maturity needed to be a little immature and it’s all about walking that line. I don’t have a problem with finding things fun or enjoying things that some people would think I should be over (Disney and Harry Potter, I’m looking at you).

As far as I was concerned, SWAK keyrings looked like a ton of fun, and since they’re a keyring they have a practical application too. So when the opportunity arose to try them out, of course I jumped in with both feet.

I was sent three of the many available designs, and each one was cute as heck! As well as the keyring you get a little postcard that you can write out for your friend and a sticker. As it turns out, the key rings have a small slot in the top so that they can double as a photo stand when not being used as a keyring! It’s like the fun just keeps on giving.

I was on holiday with my parents when I was trying them out, and my Mum was also fully embraced in the fun of them. While I knew the keyrings made kissy noises, what I wasn’t prepared for was the other noises they make – one of the ones I received offers a very French sounding OOH LA LA after every second kiss! This is where I can start to see how some people would think that these keyrings are a bit inappropriate for children, but the reality is that it is very evident they have been created purely with fun and giggles in mind!


While the packaging says suitable for age 5+, I would say that they are marketed more towards pre-teens and young teenagers. I can see a five year old having a lot of silly fun with this kind of thing though! While there is an image on the website of a teenage girl using her SWAK to ‘kiss’ a guy, I think they are more being marketed for girly sleepover fun and not to tell a boy you like him without getting cooties. If you think that using kissy keyrings with your gal pals somehow promotes lesbianism or homosexuality, please remember to take a good hard look at your life.

Final thoughts on SWAK? Fun – so much fun! Watch where you buy them though – on Amazon they do seem a bit pricey as they are being rolled out in the UK, currently retailing £18 for one SWAK (while in the USA it is $12 for two) however they are available in Smyths toy shops for £6.99 each – a much better price!

For everything you need to know about SWAK keyrings, check out their website! 


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