Can We Talk About Lush Big Shampoo For A Second?

*this post contains a product which was gifted to me at an exclusive access event*

When I was at Lush’s Naked Event last summer I was fortunate enough to be given a small tester pot of their BIG Shampoo, and since this blog is mostly a space for me to word vomit my thoughts into the universe I wanted to share my thoughts on this product with you.

So once I finally worked out how to get into the tester pot (clearly I’m not the brightest crayon in the box!) I used the sample like I would any other shampoo. I could feel the salty stuff and the oily stuff and I scrubbed it on in there in the hope of exiting the shower with the best hair of my life (I like to believe in miracles, okay?). Here’t the thing though, as I stood in the shower my hair felt so greasy and gross and it definitely did not feel clean. I kept rinsing and rubbing but to no avail and left the shower knowing deep in my heart that my hair was going to look flat and probably look greasy in about a day.

Then something magical happened, when my hair dried it felt cleaner that I think it has ever felt before. I’m assuming that the oily stuff somehow soaked in to be super moisturising and the salty stuff scrubbed and exfoliated. I don’t really know the miracle science, but my hair felt GOOD, and it looked pretty good too.

So since I was swanning about having a pretty darn good hair day, I thought maybe I could treat myself to some of this shampoo to use on special occasions. Now I know that Lush products are generally pricier than I would normally buy so this would definitely be a treat but I’ve kind of fancied getting my hands on some of their other products (especially some more of the packaging free things) anyway. Then I looked it up on their website and my jaw dropped when I saw the price. Needless to say that it was way more expensive than I had expected it to be – £26 for 600g?! As someone who would normally only spend a couple of quid on shampoo, it seemed shocking to me that there must obviously be so many people out there who are willing to spend this kind of money on their hair. There are a couple of smaller options, but the price tag is still out of my fathomable reach.

No matter how hard I racked my brain I just couldn’t find any way to justify spending that kind of money on shampoo, not in my current financial situation. It’s disappointing but if anybody is considering it and the price is not a major issue then I would thoroughly recommend getting your hands on this product and treating your hair to some miracle-level cleanliness.

What do you think, am I just too stingy? Let me know in the comments below!



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