Wingz: Worth It?

I remember seeing an advert a while ago that was for a product that intrigued me – sleeves. Not the rest of the outfit. Just the sleeves. I couldn’t make up my mind if it was insane or genius.

Then last month the opportunity arose from Wingz Fashion for me to try out this intriguing fashion item. I opted for the black lace Wingz, because I like to think I’m fancy, and I have to say…I can see why these have been life changing for some women.30713425_10154659787217537_3843470008743100416_n

So how do they work?

Wingz are available in a variety of colours, lengths and styles and consist of two sleeves attached by a sort of underbust waistband – they’re really that simple. The idea is to give the illusion that that sleeveless thing you’re wearing has sleeves – all you have to do is slip it on before putting on your sleeveless top or dress. It’s simple enough, but I let my mum have a shot when they arrived because she was so intrigued and she couldn’t work it out, she tried to put them on like a jumper *facepalm*.30704068_10154659786382537_8684928453859868672_n

So how were they?

I’d heard lots of great things about Wingz, but I still wasn’t totally sure that I got it – I now totally get it. I understand why these are so popular. I initally wore them with the dress (like in the photos) and it worked so flawlessly – I was worried about there being some awkward gap or the Wingz slipping down my arms but they never did. I’m not sure why, but I expected the arms to be a bit more form-fitting, I was surprised when the sleeves were so baggy. The it dawned on me – when you want to hide your arms, the bagginess is really good. It’s just something I’m not use to.

Later in the day I switched into a t-shirt and jeans and kept the Wingz on, and I was ready for archery without being as ridiculously warm as I normally am if I have to wear a jumper to try and save my forearms. Wingz for all occassions!

The only thing I was a little disappointed with, a downside of the lace design, it that the cuffs had kind of started unravelling not very long after I started wearing them, but apart from that everything has stayed in tact and they haven’t fallen to

So…would I say Wingz are Worth It? I certainly think I would!

Want to check them out for yourself? Visit the Wingz website.


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