Brilliant Britain: Making The Most Of Places Where You Live | Contributed Content

As I get ready to launch my Home Town Tourism series, I am really keen to encourage people to look at the amazing opportunities right there on their doorstep, and this post couldn’t sum it up better! Don’t forget, if you want to get involved in my Home Town Tourism series you can sign up here by telling me a little bit about where you’re from.

It’s so easy to take the country you live in for granted, and chances are if you love travel you’re forever planning a getaway to somewhere far from the place where you live. But it’s so worth paying attention to the incredible place beneath your feet, and as someone from the UK are you really making the most of it? Of course foreign travel is exciting and opens your mind, but there’s plenty to see, do and learn from staying in your home nation. Here are some of the ways you can appreciate the UK even if you’ve lived here your whole life.

Go on a Road Trip

Sometimes hopping in the car and going on a long journey with a loved one is just what you need if you’ve been craving adventure. The UK might not be enormous like other countries, but there are plenty of good road trip routes. Stay everywhere from nice Swindon hotels to budget Birmingham motels and everywhere in between. Eat delicious food and stop off at as many places as possible to see what it has to offer. Even if you’ve lived your whole life in the UK, chances are there are many places you’ve not been to or even heard of. Try checking out some of the best tourist attractions, or browse quaint villages, interesting towns and vibrant cities. Plan out your route beforehand and work out the places you most want to go to to get the best out of your time.

Go Camping

Camping is cheap and cheerful and fun for all the family. There are tons of great camping locations in the UK, from tourist caravan sites to woods and forest miles from anywhere that you can simply pitch a tent. You can go bird watching, orienteering, biking, hiking, fishing and so much more. It’s fun and outdoorsy, great exercise and a fantastic way to enjoy the UK’s scenery. You could hire a caravan or campervan or go rustic and pitch a tent. You could go with your family or make it a fun getaway with friends. With the weather warming up, it’s well worth getting out there.

Be a Tourist in Your Home Town

Every place in the world has something interesting about it, but when you’ve grown up in a town, city or village you can become immune to its charms. You overlook things that tourists flock to see, or grow bored of the area and just want to travel elsewhere instead. But it’s time to change your frame of mind. The place where you live will have something interesting about it, whether it’s fantastic woods and meadows for walking, a bustling town centre full of shops and restaurants, museums, or places of historical interest. See your hometown through the eyes of a tourist- go to places you’ve not been to in years or have overlooked. If you can, do this with a friend who hasn’t been to your hometown before. This can help you to see things through their eyes. They will probably point out things you’ve been overlooking for years!

Disclaimer: This post contains contributed content.

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