September: What’s Happening?

It’s been a while since I posted at the weekend! I recently noticed that once of my dearest blogging friends Alphonso¬†was undertaking a 30 day blogging challenge to help get him back into the groove after a short hiatus. I thought it looked really fun so I’m here to share the bad news…I’ve decided to attempt the challenge myself, here on Kirsty Through The Looking Glass, in September!

Al’s post

So 30 days hath September, and 30 days hath this challenge! I imagine that there will probably be some of my ‘normal’ content added in along the way because I have a few more time sensitive posts which I want to get out, and I will probably twist some of the ‘challenges’ to make them fit my style better.

This will also lead me nicely into Blogtober 2019, which I have already started working on posts for. Then things will like return to normal in November before Blogmas and Vlogmas kicks off! Things are away to get really busy over here in KTTLG HQ!

So, in case there are issues with the image above and to make it easier for me to link the posts when they are completed, let me tell you about the challenges down below…

  1. Your Blog’s Name.
  2. 20 Facts About You.
  3. Your Favourite Quote.
  4. Your Dream Job.
  5. Your Proudest Moment.
  6. What Are You Afraid Of?
  7. Your 5 Favourite Songs.
  8. 5 Current Goals.
  9. What’s In Your Bag.
  10. Best Trip Of Your Life.
  11. 10 Favourite Foods.
  12. Your Favourite Childhood Book.
  13. Whats Inside Your Fridge.
  14. 3 Healthy Habits.
  15. Where Will You Be In 5 Years.
  16. Thoughts On Education.
  17. Your Favourite Blogs.
  18. A Photograph Of Yourself.
  19. Your Favourite Movie.
  20. What Makes You Happy.
  21. What Makes You Sad.
  22. Your Worst Habits.
  23. If You Won The Lottery…
  24. What Attracts You (In Love).
  25. Your Biggest Regret.
  26. Your Hidden Talent.
  27. What’s In Your Closet.
  28. Most Embarrassing Moment.
  29. A Confession.
  30. Your Hopes For Your Blog.


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